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  • limbogirl

    And in typical JW fashion they take away but don't provide anything to replace what's now forbidden. It sucked growing up as a jw -- I feel for the kids that are currently stuck in that miserable hell hole. When I see parents marching their small children up and down my street while witnessing it's all I can do not to call family services on them.

  • Mary
    Richie wrote: Mom suggested i do the telephone tie in. I called, they hooked me up, and as soon as the prayer was over, I hung up.

    Oh my god........I thought I was the only one who had ever done that! LMAO @ Ritchie.........

    Delilah said: Mary, the best thing we ever did for our kids, was to stop going to the hall. They now play football, which has helped to boost their self esteem, big time...something the society is forever trying to squelch. My kids are allowed to have sleepovers with their friends, and go to the movies,

    Ah's another big no-no in the Borg. Too violent. May lead to armed bank robberies or something equally as bad. Yes Dee, I'm glad that you no longer go and that your kids are spending their time as normal kids do-----and not worrying about whether they're going to get counselled on Volume and Pausing or whether they've got enough hours fakes in Service to be allowed to handle the microphones..............

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