why is it all FLUFF?

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  • Billygoat

    LMAO @ daystar!

    I'll make sure to have it at the crawfish boil next month. LOL

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My take on the fluff threads:

    First Fluff threads are an important part of recovery.

    In my experience working with sexual abuse survivors, the therapy had an up-and-down cycle. We would have one really hard session and then the next time they came in they would want to deal with lighter topics. Even if I tried to steer the conversation to the previous week's topic it seemed they needed more time to deal with it internally before they were willing to delve into it again.

    If I addresses the issue they would often say they weren't ready to go there just yet. Respecting where the person was internally was an important issue in recovery. Pushing too fast makes a person back off. I would let them know that we could deal with other issues until they were ready to get back into the heavier things. In working with over 600 people over 12 years this cycle was a regular part of the work we did. Some people needed a weel in lighter things and were back to the deeper work the following week. Some people took longer.

    I think the same happens here. Something comes up in the media and most people will jump in to have a say and by doing so they are working through some of their own issues. It depends on what gets triggered and on how many people are either directly or indirectly affected by the posted info.

    For many people this board is a form of self-help. Iit is important to say what has affected us and to feel like we have been heard. And as much as we need to express our hurts we also need to do that in a way that helps us rather than drowns ius in the triggered feelings.

    Second Fluff threads can teach us a lot

    As JWs, so many things were denied to us. Talking about certain subjects were taboo. Sex, politics, sports, hobbies, holidays etc. were only discussed lightly in case we "stumble" someone with our non-WT sanctioned interests. We need the opportunity to learn about certain things. Sometimes talking to people who were never JWs raises a lot of eyebrows. Asking a never-JW person about holiday traditions for example. So we need opportunities to discuss those things that we would hesitate to ask people in the real world.

    Interestingly some of those deeper topics get few responses. But they get an huge number of views. This tells me that people want the info but they might not be willing yet to discuss it.

    Third Yes some deeper topics have been discussed before. However, there are many old-timers that are willing to discuss it again for the benefit of new ones. The added bonus here is that even if a person has discussed a topice 10 times before there is always the real possibility they will see things from a slightly different and healthier perspective than they did previously. Each time you go through a topic things can become clearer. Things you weren't ready to understand before now begin to make sense. And that is exactly how it should be. It's like reading a book and learning something new each time you read it.

  • Frog

    Second Fluff threads can teach us a lot

    i fully agree LadyLee...fluff threads force us to evaluate our own opinons on things, such as morality, and traditions...things that were once dictated to us and taken for granted...frog who enjoys her fluff x

    but i do hear you infamous matey, i remember feeling that way once too matey, but i soon enough got over it and came back for more luvya, x

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    You know I think even the silly threads give us an opportuntiy to communicate with people in a normal real world way. WTese is its own language. That loaded language stops the thought process. Playing around and bing silly helps get us away from that way of speaking and thinking.

    Freedom of thought and expression is a wonderful thing - even when it is pure fluff

  • Brigid

    I like fluff, personally (especially on days like today when I'm totally doped up from having my wisdom teeth pulled--I hope I'm coming across okay--but who knows?.

    I jump in on the serious topics when I feel like it (thanks again, for my honorable mention, Daystar )

    How about this:

    Do good and evil exist? Really? Prove it (either way you answered).

    Or, if you prefer:

    Are you alive and not just a ghost or thought in some alien being's universe?

    Or, this one always gets me:

    Is reality a subset of truth? Or is truth a subset of reality? Or are they one in the same?

    Remember, I'm heavily medicated but would love to have your thoughts on these things that continue to puzzle me throughout this existence.


  • daystar

    Well, brigid, everyone needs a little Luna to balance the Sol. By no means merely an honorable mention either.

  • gumby
    You know I think even the silly threads give us an opportuntiy to communicate with people in a normal real world way

    Well said LadyLee!

    I used to get annoyed at many thread titles thinking there wasn't enough serious stuff. I found much can be learned from fluff posts that often include comments that others can learn by and be ammused by.

    My stupid boob thread surprised me. Started out as serious thought and became a place to joke and laugh... but it was fun! It also made me realise how many lurkers we must have by the number of views. These threads though silly, can have their serious sides and prove useful. If nothing else, they show lurkers we're a happy lot with some dignity and are no different than witnesses themselves for the most part.


  • Billygoat
    If nothing else, they show lurkers we're a happy lot with some dignity and are no different than witnesses themselves for the most part.

    I think this proves we're very different.

  • kid-A

    every now and then we do need a thread adressing issues such as "the inadequacies of uncle bruce's donger" or "Gumby's toilet stall peeping perversions"......it helps keep things

    in balance and lets face it, things get heated up here pretty often, the fluff serves as a "steam valve" when the pressure gets too intense on the board.

  • greendawn

    There are always enough serious threads to keep someone busy also many in the archives for example under the best of section, they may be a little old but nonetheless very informative.

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