Jesus Papers?

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  • gumby

    OK....what's the deal? When I posted on this thread,, ...I put a picture of some zig zag rolling papers. I come back to read this thread and there is a picture I didn't put there of two girls kissing. How did that happen? I'm serious. I just tried to edit it and I got an error message.


  • unclebruce

    LMAO! - sorry gumby looks like you've been attacked by the anti-nutsack lobby - unreal!

  • gumby

    I didn't put that pic in my post and I'm trying to figure out how the pic changed. I apologize this happened. Anyone know what happened and how a pic can change?


  • Leolaia

    The weird thing is that those three pictures have "" written on them. Is your website or did you hotlink the pics from that site? If the latter, than apparently the owner saw you hotlinked the pics here and replaced them with those lesbian pics with "" written on them.

    It's happened to me before on another message board. I say you got off light. When it happened to me, the site owner substituted the innocuous pic I posted with the most disgusting vomit-inducing picture imaginable....a pic of an explosion of diarrhea coming out of someone's butt.

  • plmkrzy

    suuuure gumby!...tisk tisk tisk.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    One of the authors was on a recent television interview show, and he basically said throughout the interview that he had NOTHING to base his theories on, not one shred of evidence. I like the work, but just as fiction.


  • gumby
    gumby know I ain't no nasty bastard

    Leolaia...thanks loads. I just didn't want anyone to think I did it. I can't delete the bastard as I guess it's too old. I've asked a mod to delete it. Funny thing is...some poster followed me with their first post right after that pic here asking why this pic was posted and never returned.Could that poster have done that somehow?


  • Leolaia

    Looks like someone deleted the post for you.

    But what's to be embarrassed about lesbian pictures?

    BTW, I checked the original website and my suspicions about image swapping were had linked the pic (and two others like it) and the site owner found through a referrer check that you were hotlinking it and using up his bandwidth, so then he (or she?) went through the trouble of making substitute lesbian pictures (even with the lettering "") and replaced the original Zig Zag pics with these. As for the original Zig Zag pics, he renamed them as etc, and also he had to update the HTML of his webpage to reflect the renamed files.

    Exactly what happened to me....except you got off light without being humilated by puke-inducing pictures that everyone would think you posted, and the site owner got what he wanted by getting you to stop stealing his bandwidth.

    Making a .htaccess file would seemingly be a simpler way to get leechers from stealing bandwidth, but maybe not as fun...

  • Mary
    The unofficial English anthem is based on the old heresy that Jesus never died on the cross but came west with Joseph of Aramathea who apparently walked the hills of non-roman Wales

    How one ever survived a cruxifiction. Anyone think the Romans were dumb enough to cut you down unless they were 100% sure that you were dead?

  • Leolaia

    unclebruce.....Watertight, it ain't. Here is one review (titled "The dog ate my Jesus papers") panning the book:

    The new "evidence" evaporates like the dew under a noonday sun....

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