Heart Patients Not Helped By Praying

by JAVA 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • JAVA
    Most people recover from sickness, so whoever prays for them thinks they had something to do with their recovery, after all didn't they get better. When they die they just think God had other plans.

    No matter the outcome, it's God's will. This reminds we of right-wing religionist supporting George Bush; no matter what the facts show, he's doing God's will.

  • JAVA
    Does god NEED others to pray for a person?

    I have a small fish tank at home and I feed the fish, clean the water, and try to make it pleasant for the little guys swimming around in the tank. I don't need to have fish prayers in order to do the right thing for the fish. I'm the one who set the tank up, and if I let it get dirty or don't feed them because the fish didn't say their little prayers thanking me--what does that say about me?

  • Elsewhere

    Once again, nothing fails like prayer!

  • unclebruce

    jellyfish loves you java

  • JAVA

    I got stung by those little guys a few years ago while swimming at Daytona Beach. Jellyfish might like me, but I don't like them. However, if they start saying JAVA prayers, I might allow them to live. :)

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