Interesting Encounter with JW wife.

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  • Gordy

    Thanks to all for the support.

    Gregor wrote:

    Gordy, sounds like typical shunning, but I am curious. You refer to her as your JW wife. Assuming you don't have other wives in different religions, it sounds like you're still married to her but haven't seen her for 3 or 4 years.

    Did I understand that correctly? Could there be other issues she has with you? Like the time she came home and caught you with two hookers?? etc.?

    Oh! How I wish that was true about the hookers. My wife and I married in 1974 , I had been a JW since 1971, and have been separated since December 1996. Not because of the hookers, unfortunately. But because from April 1996 I suffered from acute clinical depression and attempted suicide. She asked me to leave home and family, later I discovered it was under the influence of the Elders who considered me a "spiritual danger" to the family. I started looking into the Watchtower using such "demonic, satanic" websites such as Freeminds. I continued as a JW till August 1999 when I stopped attending meetings. I disassociated September 2001. Up until then I was able to visit my children who still lived with my wife, 2 were JW's , 2 were not at the family home. After I DA'd I was stopped from going to the home and also from seeing my two JW daughters, who I also have not seen since either. My non-JW children come to see me.

  • skeeter1

    Your wife gave a great "witness" didn't she? She is a perfect example of how Jesus would have wanted us to act...NOT.

  • Honesty
    When you think about the room full of people guess who stood out as NOT being a Christian?

    There were plenty of Christians in the room... and one member of cult.

    What is it that they just don't get???

    Jesus' love.

  • James Free
    James Free
    We went in to see my son and she spoke quite happily with him. He also is a disassociated JW and a born-again Christian

    Sorry to hear of your experience. It is easy to think she ignored you because you are DA'd. But the above quote suggests otherwise.

    More likely this is a personal issue between you both.

  • wednesday


    glad to hear your son has good support.,. I'm so glad you have the support of the 2 non jws sons and their wives.(i'm sure you do miss your daughters though) .Your wife may be ok with talking to your son b/c after all, he is flesh and blood, but well, you were only her husband. Sounds goofy, but jws have the strangest logic about who they decide to grace with their presence.

    Sorry to hear about the depression ,sounds like your life is much better now.


  • kcw

    It's so typical and small minded of them to act that way isn't it? What do they really think they are proving by not talking to you? It only makes them looks ridiculous. I am so happy i can see this now.

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