Interesting Encounter with JW wife.

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  • Gordy

    On Tuesday night my son (30) went into hospital with what turn out to be appendicitis. His wife called me Wednesday morning and i went up to the hospital. He was due in surgery not long after I got there.

    His wife and I were taken to a room where we could wait. On walking in there was my JW wife, who I had not seen since round about this time in 2002. Not long after I had disassociated from the JW's.

    Surprisingly I wasn't fazed by finding her there. We said "Hello, how are you" after that when she spoke it was directed to my sons wife. I was no longer spoken to directly. When I spoke and made a comment, there was a look of annoyance on her face.

    Today, Thursday, his wife and I went to visit him. As we had time before visiting we stopped to have a coffee at the little cafe they had in the hospital. Couple minutes later my wife arrived, she spotted us and joined us. This time no "hello" to me even though I said it to her. Also she sat so she had her back to me and talked to my sons wife. This time I ceased to be there. My sons wife gave me a look a couple of times as if to ask "whats going on"/

    We went in to see my son and she spoke quite happily with him. He also is a disassociated JW and a born-again Christian. Again I was kept out the conversation by her. My sons wifes two sisters turned up to visit. So I had chat with them, making jokes etc.
    Then a guy my son works with came, he is also a member of our church. So he was saying things like "the Lord will look after you" "the Lord keep you" and that church members he had told would be prayering for him at the prayer meeting tonight.

    I don't think my wife knew what to do with herself.

    When visiting was over my wife was offered a lift home, by my sons wife.
    She refused sayng she would get the bus, (which would take nearly an hour) and walked off. Probably didn't want to sit in same car as me.

    My sons wife said "I just don't understand them." (JW's that is).

    "You have to have been one. To understand" I said.

  • juni

    Remember Gordy - You are dog poop on the bottom of their shoe.

    Hang in there and try not to let it get you down.

    Juni :)

  • Fe2O3Girl

    What a great "witness"! I hope your son makes a rapid recovery - it sounds like he is surrounded by family and friends. All the best - Rachel

  • Billygoat


    I'm so sorry. I hate that a stupid bunch of men in Brooklyn have such control over these droids. My parents are still in and it's a pretty painful thing. I hope things eventually get better. You'll be shown more love from these "worldly" people than your wife is probably even capable of.


  • freedomlover

    wow, just knowing you got that kind of treatment shows she hasn't moved on, whereas you had no reaction to her presence, showing you HAVE moved on in your life. I feel sorry for people like her. Sitting and stewing in all that garbage - toxic emotions.

    you were the bigger person in that situation.

  • juni

    I love your colorful Ying/Yang!

  • Gregor

    Gordy, sounds like typical shunning, but I am curious. You refer to her as your JW wife. Assuming you don't have other wives in different religions, it sounds like you're still married to her but haven't seen her for 3 or 4 years.

    Did I understand that correctly? Could there be other issues she has with you? Like the time she came home and caught you with two hookers?? etc.?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Just think, if Rod Serling had been around, he would have gotten material for one of his "Twilight Zone" episodes.... something about living in a parallel universe where ignorance collides with reality.

    Glad your son's ok. (in more ways than one)


    When you think about the room full of people guess who stood out as NOT being a Christian? What is it that they just don't get??? Most JW's make themselves look ridiculous, all we have to do is sit back and let them!

    Glad to know that your son has some REAL friends!


  • freedomlover

    *I love your colorful Ying/Yang!*


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