Wacky WT article to 'scare you'

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  • LDH
    Jehovah to Japs: "I did it before, I can do it again!"


    The "new" WT always loves to feature a darling culture where their 'work' is blowing up. In the 80's, they lurved on the Mexicans. In the 90's it was the Japanese.

    Who has taken up the mantle? NO ONE. Which is why they are forced to beg for money to build shanty Kingdom Halls in Africa where many folks are illiterate and unlearned.

    The rest of us have figured it out, and where the internet is available, the 'work' is grinding to a halt.

  • lilybird

    hmmm. "Danger Zone" so is that going to another of the endless JW "catch phrases" that every time you hear it , it makes you shudder and brings back all sorts of bad memories..Its another mindless Dub article regurgitating the same old blather we have come to expect from the society..

  • ><>

    Is it just me, but does it seem that their articles are geared for people of limited intelligence?

    What is the JW view on higher education? Is it encouraged?


  • SickofLies

    There are lots of articles put out by the WTS stating that higher education is evil and true christians will live a life of poverity and ignorance and dedicate any spare funds to the WTS.

  • ><>

    Any and all spare funds are to go to them? Do they operate any known charity groups? Can spare funds be given to other organizations such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, American Cancer Society, etc?

  • Leolaia

    They operate no public charities. Donations are recommended to go to the "worldwide" work which could be used for charitable purposes (such as helping JWs in disaster-stricken areas; while they are known to sometimes help non-JWs, this seems to be more the exception), but which can be earmarked for any purpose, most especially for the organization itself to spend however it sees fit.

    What would the point be of establishing a charity when God's kingdom is supposed to come any day now that could resolve any problems far better than any dinky charity could. That would show a lack of faith that God's kingdom has already approached...

  • gumby
    "Similarly, Bible students observe the sign of "the conclusion of the system of things" and alert others to the impending danger".-Matthew 24:3.

    Yes, and every since they began, millions have died from old age believing the same shit.

    You may have read this journal from time to time, and you might agree with its application of Bible prophecies. Yet, you may hesitate to take the further step of associating with Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Yes folk. This secondary step of associating with Jehovah's Witnesses is what will save you...never mind about jesus, you need to join us.

    Soon the attitude could develop: "The end won't come today."

    A....I'm thinkin a buncha dubs are already thinkin that way or they'd never fix up their house, go to the dentist/doctor....or do anything else for that matter. If I thought tomarrow would never come, I wouldn't even drink metamucil for the next days relief by golly!

    Take refuge along with Jehovah's people and stay with them.

    Yeah, again...no need for jesus as your refuge, keep close to Jehovah's Witnesses....that's whats gonna save yer ass.


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