What is now the most accurate Bible to buy??

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  • WingCommander

    Now that I've read Ray Franz's part about how his Uncle and others with little ACTUAL Greek or Hebrew training translated the Bible into the NWT, I've been interested in finding the best Bible out there is correctly translated by people who know what the hell they are talking about. So which is best? NIV? What?

    I've also been looking at other religions lately, ones that are "somewhat" close to the JW's teachings to an extent, and have been interested in Seventh Day Adventists. They seem to do alot to help there congregations and actually ENCOURAGE contining education, charity, good habits, etc. Only thing that I may have a hard time with is they believe in the Trinity to some extent. Hmmm.

    Anyone have any thoughts or opinions?


    Wing Commander

  • diamondblue1974

    I am not sure there is such a thing...and if there is...how will we know?


  • Legolas

    You will find that certain people will all argue saying that theirs is the closest/best!

    The truth is...I don't know!

    And if there is a god I don't think it really matters since he let his word go to get corrupted and the whole world has different views on it!

  • EAGLE-1

    Try writing your own.A lady from Texas told me she did that.Havent seen one yet.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Consider getting a copy of The Bible in Living English, also known as the Byington translation. This bible is owned by the WTB&TS. Byington had some real academic credentials. The only way the WTB&TS could get such scholarship was to BUY the copyright of the translation from Byington's widow, and the WTS does not promote the translation. You can find copies on eBay, or you can get one through a JW who will order it at the Kingdom Hall.

    Another very interesting work is the Concordant Literal New Testament and the Concordant Version of the Old Testament by A. E. Knach. Knach felt that it was improper for the same greek words to be rendered one way in one verse and a different way in another verse. This translation was once sold by the WTS, but JFR squelched that arrangement in a fit of pique a long time ago. If it pissed JFR off, it MUST have merit! You can order it here: http://www.concordant.org/version/index.html


    There is no absolutely accurate translation. The "most accurate" is the New American Standard. The most readable are the New International Version & The Living Translation. The most easily memorizable is the King James.

    These are all my opinions, but they are based on 15 years of Bible reading & study.

  • nicolaou

    The Cockney Bible http://www.adamandeveit.net/index.asp



    One fine day, Jonah was walking along, minding ’is own business, when God suddenly spoke to ’im. ‘Oi, Jonah, currant of Amittai….I want you to go to the great city of Nineveh, and speak to everyone there in my name. They’re a terrible lot, and they need a good talkin’ to.’

    Now Jonah weren’t in the slightest bit interested in doing this, so ’e thought ’e’d run off in the opposite direction….He went to some place called Joppa, where ’e found a nanny about to leave for Spain….But God was watching ’is every step. He decided to send a bloomin’ strong wind to blow on the coffee-and-tea. The storm got so violent, that the nanny was about to break up and sink. As you can imagine, the sailors was in a righ’ ol’ two-and-eight.

    ….The storm got worse and worse. In the end, the sailors decided to draw lots. They wanted to find out whose fault all this was. Guess who drew the short straw? Jonah! The sailors immediately started askin’ ’im loads of questions. ‘Why is this ’appening? Why are you ’ere? Where do ya come from?’

    ‘I’m a Hebrew,’ Jonah answered. ‘I don’t worship all your little gods. I worship the one true God who made the land and the coffee-and-tea, and who is the God of heaven. I’m on the hot-cross-bun from ’im.’

    …The sailors asked Jonah, ‘What do we ’ave to do to ya to stop this bloomin’ storm?’ ‘Throw me in the coffee,’ Jonah answered. ‘If you do that, the storm will calm dahn. It’s all my fault that you are caught in this storm.’ …They then picked up Jonah and chucked ’im in the coffee….As Jonah was floating around in the coffee, God made a bloomin’ great Lilian Gish (a whale) swallow Jonah. The poor geezer was inside for three days and nights.

    If any lemon would be the right lemon to pray, it would be now. That’s what Jonah does! From inside the big Lilian, Jonah prays to God.

    ‘….All those who worship those silly little gods and idols have shown that they don’t care about you anymore. But God, I’m gonna praise you for ever. I’m gonna offer you a sacrifice, and I’m gonna do what I’ve promised. Only you can save people, God!’
    After this prayer, God told the big Lilian to spit Jonah out on to the beach, and that’s exactly what happened.

    Mike Coles

    adamandeveit.net cockney converter:

    currant bun – son
    nanny goat - boat
    coffee-and-tea - sea
    two-and-eight - state
    hot-cross-bun - run
    Lilian Gish - fish
    lemon and lime - time

  • minimus

    Why does the Watchtower not promote Byington's???? I'm puzzled. Regarding Bibles, I used to collect them. I have over 100 different translations and Bibles. Not like 4 diferent KJVs. 100 different versions. The NIV is considered by most as #1. I also like The Interlinear Bible by Jay Green.

  • SickofLies

    This is a very subjective question, as the Bible wasn't written in English, there is nothing to say one translation is better than another, for most translations contain opinions by the translator as to what certian words should mean and how they should be translated. Check this site out for a comparision of different translations:


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I'll stick to the KJ. I have been comparing Bibles for years and I will find words translated in other versions that I don't like at all. For instance other versians will change the fact that Mary was a virgen to Mary was a maiden. Maiden meaning unmarried woman, virgin or not.

    As far as a church, I prayed about it and God sent me here; www.calvarychapel.com

    All the pastors I have met there have been very dedicated to honest Bible teaching. I tried SDA, Seventh Day Adventists. They are just an offshoot of the WTBTS that stopped declaring the end of the world. My kids went to SDA schools. They are legalistic at times. I actually had a SDA aquaintence tell me that anybody that worships God on Sundays are going to die at Armageddon. That was it for me.

    Now all my adult children worship God at Calvary Chapels. They are happy, well adjusted, succesful kids. We love the praise and worship music! It is a pleasure to go, no stress, no cult, no funky rules, no dress code. They believe you come just as you are, Jesus will meet you where you are. Calvary Chapels are also usually involved in local charities, or have a great support system, food cupboard, helps etc. Most of the pastors are well educated, not "theocratic ministry school" indoctrinated robots.

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