The JWs, a petty minded and ungrateful lot

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  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    rekless; it was printed in a wt article about a month or so after katrina. i don't have the info infront of me. maybe nov 1 2005 wt. some one will post it. i'm sure john

  • candidlynuts

    the letter was posted here on a thread.. i'll see if i can find it.

  • candidlynuts

    one thread discussing the request not to write katrina relief on checks.

  • trevor

    The Watchtower Society and its members enjoy all the benefits that being a part of an organized consumer society brings. The members are employed by the system and in some cases live on social security payments. The Society utilises the most efficient literature production and transportation systems the capitalist world has developed.

    Jehovah's Witnesses benefit daily from the efficient running of schools, food production and emergency services. They are at the forefront in using law courts and governmental law to support their freedom and uphold their human rights. Not only do they benefit from medical advances, but expect preferential treatment to enable operations and organ transplants without blood transfusion. Despite benefiting from the efforts of professional people, they strongly discourage their own members from pursuing higher education.

    Giving to charity is discouraged. All donations are expected to go to the Society, as this is considered the most worthy cause. They quote Jesus words “You will always have the poor,” as good reason for not giving to the under-privileged. All such assistance is reserved for those in their “nation.”

    They are no part of the world, in as much as they will not vote or help to organize local government. They are encouraged to avoid training for professional positions and, if possible, full-time work. In terms of receiving the benefits that come from the efforts of others who are not standing back waiting for the world system to end, so that they can inherit the world, they are very much a part of the world.

  • lilybird

    IT always bothered me when my father-in-law sat in his comfy chair wearing his slippers , sipping on whiskey and he would go on about what war mongers the Americans are,, especially Bush.. My husband would tell do you think you are living here in comfort in a warm clean house.. It is because others went to fight for you..Its true.. The JWs love to enjoy all the freedoms people fought and died for and then they condem them for it at the same time.. they are too smug...

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