Im so sick (literally) of morning sickness\all day sickness

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  • Es

    Hey guys

    Sorry i just felt like morning sickness which lasts all day is getting worse, ive been vomitting now for 7 weeks, i cant seem to keep anything down.

    I know i should be grateful that im pregnant and i am, i am just finding it really hard to deal with the sickness this time round, i have tried vitamin b6 but does nothing for me. With my son this lasted bout 5 months.


  • KW13

    well i hope ya feel better soon

  • SickofLies


    Hang in there! Have you seen a doctor? Maybe there's new medication to help now a days..

  • whyamihere

    Flat coca-cola and soda crackers worked for me.

    Honey, I am sorry....I ate alot of grapes too, helped me to ease my tummy. I was sick for 8 1/2 months. Oh, and mints.


  • Elsewhere

    They say it helps Cancer Patients... maybe smoking a bit of pot will help with the pregnancy!

    You're baby will be VERY happy for it!

    Ok, ok... for the prudes our there, ***I'm just kidding!!!!***

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Here's a site that might be of some help:

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Es

    Thanks KW13,

    sickoflies- when i had my first app doc offered maxollon supposed to stop vomitting etc...but at the time i didnt have much, my next antenatal app is not until 27th of April i know i could go now but its really an effort to go out these days as i feel so sh$%. I aslo remember it not working all that well too, but def will ask what else is available

    brooke- thanks for the tip wow 8.5 months how did you cope. Im so tired of trying to keep my food down all day, but i hate bringing it up too.

    elsewhere - lol your tip was the best hehehehe. Dont think the doc would approve of it,


  • Billygoat

    For my step-mom I remember it was Pringles and iced tea. I still have iced tea and pringles when I'm feeling nauseous and it does work.

  • Es

    wow thanks doubleedge thats a good site, will try and keep a few of those in mind.

    Billygoat- just plain pringles????

    Im a bit worried of dehydration, im finding even hard to drink things and im getting terrible headaches, and im exhausted prob coz i cant eat or keep anything down.


  • schne_belly

    ((((ES))))) hope this passes soon...but think of the benefits that will come of it!

    A sweet little BABY--how exciting !!!

    Have you tried eating something when you take the B6? B vitamins can do havoc on your stomach if taken alone?!?!?

    Take care !

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