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  • KW13

    So for you what made you leave?

    What helped you stay out?

    Did you have support from friends or anyone (online included )?


    number 1) i left because stepdad was being a bully. I left home and then came back.

    number 2) Found church and got kicked out for getting confirmed

    number 3) Church friends and also more recently the reminder of what i got out of by coming here

  • greendawn

    I left because the org was too dictatorial for my liking I believe too much in free debate if the GB are so right about everything then they shouldn't fear those objecting to their teachings and have them thrown out.

    Also I didn't like their legalistic approach where they would always dictate you must do this and that, people that lack brotherly love as they do should not give any orders and should not judge anyone.

    Finally that organisation of jehovah rather than the church of Christ got on my nerves.

  • ballistic

    Good questions KW13, are you going to DB74's meetup in two weeks. It's just that I'm not up to spilling my guts using a keyboard once over again.

  • KW13

    wish i could, i will next one for sure though cos then i can have beer!!!

  • misspeaches

    I like your questions KW13... I hope you get to go to DB74's meetup and catch up with Ballistic... He's a great chappy! Now on to the answers...

    So for you what made you leave? I was constantly depressed. I never felt worthy enough. Everything I did was just never enough. I felt I was losing my identity.

    What helped you stay out? Initially it was the dread of walking back into a kingdom hall and eveyone asking me questions as to why I hadn't attended for so long. Then after a 18 months or so I found JWD. I learnt so much about the organisation it disgusts me. I could never go back.

    Did you have support from friends or anyone (online included )? One of my friends (MrBeaker) faded at the same time as I did. So we sort of had each other to lean on for support. Looking back I don't think I could have remained as strong without having him to talk to about stuff. Online I have found amass of support. One time I thought I might put together a list and start a thread thanking every person that has ever given me a word of support and the list was sooo long! I still want to put that together again one day...

  • ballistic
    wish i could, i will next one for sure though cos then i can have beer!!!

    good thinking mate!

  • ballistic
    He's a great chappy!

    And Misspeaches is too nice!

  • unique1

    What made me leave? The lack of love for others shown after 9/11. They only prayed for the witness victims. What kind of christian attitude is that?

    What helped me stay out? My loving husband and friends. The wonderful wealth of information I have discovered through sites like this that shows this religion is not the TRUTH.

    I had the support of my friends that were never in the truth, my husband, several disfellowshipped friends and of course you guys.

  • lowden

    Hey KayDubya!

    Well...they broke my will (hate to say that coz nothing usually gets the better of me, i'm a focussed type) and started getting into my eldest sons head in a really disturbing way. I got DFed in Feb 2000 and tried soooooo hard to get back but it wasn't happening. Then the P.O. told my eldest (15 at the time) to 'cut me off', basically coz i was exposing the disgusting favouritism towards elders sons and seeing my boy penalised at the drop of a hat. He was taken off microphones for kissing a girl, truly nothing more than that. Wonkers! There's loads to tell and like Ballistic says, it can all come out when we all meet up sometime (i can't make the April meetup either). I eventually cracked when i met a gorgeous girl (former GB Squad gymnast....OOOH YEAH BABY) ... anyway she blew my mind and although i'm not with her anymore, that was my point of total liberation. What kept me out stuff really, but not wanting to go back to an unloving place i suppose....and i'd wanna DECK too many knobheads!! Know the feeling?? I think that's all for now.

    Peace to ya


  • KW13

    I look forward to it lowden. No one should get involved in your sons relationship with you, sad.

    Unique1 - the probably also saw sept 11th as a good thing, step nearer to the end. If you look at the JW numbers for that year they rocket up.

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