Hindsight is 20/20: What were your signs?

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  • unclebruce
    At the age of 11 or 12 years, when the JWs were "study-ing" with my parents, I got told I could no longer watch the classic B&W TV drama "Combat". It was "worldly" and it "celebrated war".

    O-Well - I still had Perry Mason, WhirlyBirds, SeaHunt, and Route66.

    Among others,


    Yeah, it was no good to inject the bad guys with lead but ok to cut their air hose and shoot em with a spear gun ..lol. lloyd bridges what a guy lol

  • james_woods

    And, dear UncleBruce - you must probably know that I never even appreciated Route66 for the morality drama that it was...

    I just watched it every week to see that Corvette -

  • mariposa

    Hmmmm...let's see....

    ...every month from the time I was baptised, I had less than 10 hours in fs. and usually never made it out at all

    ...for the last 3 years, I went back and forth in 3 different cong. so nobody would really know how many meetings I was missing

    ...study? study for the meetings? That was a brief highlighting of the required material for that day, the hardest part was picking out what color I wanted to use

    ....Could never seem to make friends with too many people, it was so much easier to be friends with worldlings

  • Woofer

    I ALWAYS hated field service. . on Saturday mornings I would fake a stomach ache or something like that (staying in the bathroom for 1/2 hour just to "prove" I was sick). I was embarassed to be a Witness . .never wanted anyone at school to know. In elementary school I would make up stories about celebrating Christmas or my birthday just to try and fit in.

    I remember thinking all the time "if ALL the religions out there . .why did my parents pick THIS one?"

    I never studied . .only fake studied . .highlighting every other sentence seemed to work well.

    As an early teen I would tell my parents I was going to the mall and I would really meet a worldy boy out somewhere (never did have sex before marriage though).

    I remember once at the bookstudy the conductor made a comment that some people haven't fallen into serious sin yet because they haven't been given the "opportunity". . I felt like he was talking to me.

  • daystar

    I can't actually think of any. I enjoyed the meetings for a very long time. I didn't start to drift until my late teens, when I just began to see all of the hypocrisy.

    My family began to drift when I was maybe four or five and I was the one who brought us all back. I kept bugging my dad as to why we weren't going any more, until he took the hint and we were all very, very active for many years after.

    Now, my weakness was women, and still is really. So I guess that would really be my one. I can recall checking out the sisters' legs at the meetings when I was as young as 5. Hmmm... maybe that's why I bugged my dad so much to go back to the meetings.

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