What Questions Should I Ask?

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  • Shazard

    And be carefull. He probably will ask you to study each topic step by step using WT technique. If you subscribe for "bible study", then ask if you can invite some pastor from church to have 2 opinions to compare? Good starting point questions/talk is in this link http://www.freeminds.org/psych/openmind.htm Do not get deep into doctrinal ping-pong. Do not talk about fields you do not know about, ask your friend to let to reasearch the topic by yourself. He probably will warn you to avoid "apostate" sites, but you can respond him, that God is stronger then Devil, so you rely on God and his guidance personally in your research. And actually DO research. Do not talk about meny topics at once. Better to talk about one topic for 15 minutes, and then stop, then loose 5 hours with no real results. Choose your topics carefully, do not agree to discuss topics you are not prepared to talk. It is psihological trick, that human mind accepts new infurmation as truth by default, and every next info about the topic is compared to this first "stamp". So do not let JW friend to create the stamp into your mind. Do your research by yourself alone using i-net or just reading Bible. I guess you can find different topical references of Bible verses/chapters/books in interenet!

  • blondie

    I just read your questions but this came to mind.

    Many JWs that disobey or disregard official WTS counsel on one point, will on others. For example, the WTS strongly counsels its members not to date or marry non-JWs. Obviously, he is disregarding that. I find that people who say they are JWs will pick and choose what the believe from what the WTS teaches.

    Be prepared for him to have a personal opinion that differs completely from the official doctrine of the WTS. You could find yourself going in circles discussing some issues.

    The WTS says that its members much accept everything it teaches or they are not really JWs.........

    Good luck, Blondie

  • Goldminer

    Just ask him where in the bible does it say that God has a visible organization today.This will force to use only the bible and keep him away from the mind-twisting explanations of the WT.And Matt. 24:45-47 is not talking about a visible organization,it's a parable.If you look at the official jw website under beliefs,it does not list an existant visible organization.As well the latest book What Does the Bible Really Teach also says nothing about a visible organization.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Hello Serene, I would ask him the ultimate question that wiill lead to hundreds of others on his own. And that is: I understand that 1914 is a pivital date to the Watchtower. How do you arrive at that date?? ( Then after he explains how 607 is used to get to that date, you could say,) I have heard that there is a big discrepancy between the Watchtowers date of 607, and secular history. Can you prove 607 without using their literature?? When you ask him that, and if he trys, he will see you can't do it. And it will probably bother him enough that he will begin to question EVERYTHING!!! That has been our experience. I wish you well. L.L.

  • defective light
  • defective light
    defective light

    JGAT:Ask about living and beliefs that will affect your relationship.

    Excellent advice!

    The religion will effect you more than him after your married!


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