What Questions Should I Ask?

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  • Serene

    Hello everyone!!

    I am gearing up to have "the big discussion" with my boyfriend about his witness beliefs... and I was wondering what are some good questions to ask him? At this point, Im not bent on "proving him wrong" as I think that is a bad attitude to take into a discussion of this nature, but I do plan on asking him to make sense of some of the more questionable practices of the JWs... (dubs? I learned a new word lol)

    The questions I have so far are

    1) Does the WTS claim to speak for God? If so... explain the false prophecies and constantly changing doctrine [without using the words "new" or "light"] If the WTS does NOT speak for God, why would you follow their interpretations of the bible?

    2) Do you believe that the New World Translation is correct, inerrant and unbiased? If so, please explain why the society has been known to change the scripture when it makes a doctrinal change.

    3) If you claim that the name of God has been removed thousands of times from the OT...and this is wrong... why is it right for the NWT to add the word Jehovah 200+ times where it was never written. The WTS itself states that no Greek manuscript was ever found that uses the Lord's "full name" ... so isn't removing the name just as bad as adding it where it never was to begin with?

    Ok.... thats all I have so far!! I mean there are several offshoots questions that can be asked from those three... but Im not an "insider" so I wouldn't really know the best things to ask about

    So... If you were me...what would you ask him?

  • candidlynuts

    what you have so far sounds good.. you dont want to bombard him with too many questions at one time.

  • Narkissos

    That's a good start!

    A slight reservation on the 2nd one:

    2) Do you believe that the New World Translation is correct, inerrant and unbiased? If so, please explain why the society has been known to change the scripture when it makes a doctrinal change.

    I'm not sure of that. At least I don't remember any case of coincidence between a change in doctrine and a change in translation.

    You'll certainly get many other suggestions, but I think it's best to keep to the topics which are important to you.

    As you are a believer you might discuss how he regards your faith. If he would agree to pray with you for instance -- and if he doesn't, ask him why. This might be very revealing to both of you.

    Or, if you contemplate having children someday, discuss the medical problems around the blood taboo. Whether the modern practice of blood transfusions has anything to do with dietary regulations in the OT. Why this is not a problem for orthodox Jews. Whether the Gospels would recommend not saving a life in order not to break a supposed "law". Etc.

  • KW13

    Ask about UN later (its pretty easy)

    607 BCE and British Musuem Tablets and Lachish Letters. Jeremiah 25.

  • truthfullyspeaking

    'If' he is a baptized brother ask him why he is contemplating marriage with someone that wants to include the opinions of others in their personal religious discussions. Is it really necessary that you have a cheerleading squad? Ask out of the sincerity of your heart, and then move on if there isn't compatability. Otherwise you will never except him for who he is, or wants to be....

  • Kristofer

    I would be prepared for his accusation of apostate literature. I would mention something like. If I was going to become a member of a catholic church or a mormon church do you think I should read up on what they believe? the church's history? What ex-believers and current believers have to say before I commit my self spiritually to any religion. I think you need to make a valid point of your asking questions. Otherwise, once if feels like an attack to him, he may shut down.

  • greendawn

    The 144 000 doctrine doesn't seem to hold up very well since most of those that were part of the so called remanent should be dead by now but there are still 8000 of them.

    There is also a profound lack of charity spirit in an org that claims to be the sole true religion on earth other religions have done much better in this respect.

  • Serene

    I ask this because I just don't know all the issues yet... thats one of the reasons why I joined this site. I know whats important to ME... but I dont know how that relates to his particular beliefs... got me? I dont need a cheerleading squad!! Thats definitely not what Im looking for.

    I will for sure ask about the blood issue... but a good example of "not knowing" is... I never knew about "silent lambs" or the abuse issues until I got here and started reading.

    Anyways... thanks for youe help

  • ellderwho

    Pick your battles carefully. And once you get to an unanswerable dilema, hang on to it, and "hold the feet to the fire." They love to say "lets just put that on the shelf" after while the shelf gets overloaded and will fall down

    Anyhow, there are many subjects to choose from. Like my favorite, What happended to Michael, in heaven when Jehovah transferred his life force to Marys womb? God either killed Michael or he commited suicide.

  • jgnat

    Ask about living and beliefs that will affect your relationship.

    • Will he attend family functions at Christmas and Thanksgiving? Why not?
    • If you were lying bleeding in an emergency room, would he allow you to have a blood transfusion?
    • If he were lying bleeding to death in an emergency room, would he expect you to speak up about his beliefs to the doctor, and would he expect you to allow him to die?
    • Has he ever had to shun a friend or relative that formerly went to the hall? Why?
    • If someone he knew was disfellowshipped was lying bleeding on the side of the road, would he stop to help? Would he talk to the person?
    • Is the Watchtower the most valuable gift one can give to your neighbour? Why?
    • Is he planning on having children in this system of things? Why or why not?
    • Would he allow joint religious training of his children?

    Oh yeah,

    • Will he ever give you birthday or valentine's gifts, and if so, publiclly tell his fellow JW's so? Or will it be his dirty little secret?

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