Which "Antivirus software" protects your computer?

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  • Finally-Free

    I'm a bit anal when it comes to securing my home network, and antivirus software is only a single component in a layered approach to security. I use a perimiter router to connect to the ISP, and a hardware firewall as well. I run my own email server that only accepts mail from certain senders. I use Symantec client security 3.0 with groupware protection for my servers and workstations. It includes antivirus, desktop firewall, antispam and spyware protection. I can configure and deploy it from a central location. I use 2 other anti-spyware products on my workstations. I have a mail gateway that strips undesirable content, language, attachments, scripts, etc out of email. I've enabled port security on my switches. All hard drives are encrypted. Email is digitally signed and encrypted. Network traffic is encrypted. I have a wireless access point on a subnet that's protected by another firewall that allows me to connect with my laptop from anywhere in the house via VPN. I rarely log in to computers with administrative rights.

    Still, every so often some shit gets in. It's gotta be those porn sites...


  • juni

    I used to use Norton, but it was allowing for junk to get through. Also, they are impossible to get a hold of if you have a problem. My daughter's computer guy that takes care of their business computers recommended Webroot Spyware and Trend Micro PC-cillin. It's good.


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