Saw Elder at Lion's Club meal, and other thoughts/observations......

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  • Gregor

    Wing Commander, Sir!

    With all due respect, sir, wonderful post. You should read it sometime and ask yourself what the hell your waiting for. You say your wife is not a JW? You obviously are very good at expressing yourself. I would really like to read your post explaining what is holding you back from writing a Dis-ass letter that would peel the paint off the walls of the Kindgom Hall. You certainly have abundant material right here on this site.

    Best to you

  • Gregor


    I didn't read carefully enough.

    Your not baptized and you go to meetings a few times a year. Sounds like your doing fine. But I wonder, do you have peers that you are trying not to rock the boat with?

  • nsrn

    Here's my two cents' worth about your two year old:

    There are lots of wonderful kid's books with Bible stories (no agonized faces on young innocents being destroyed at Armageddon, either). You can teach a child to pray, to thank God for wonderful things, and to follow God's rules. Best of all, you can teach them that God loves them, unconditionally, even more than you do!

    If you feel like you need to take the child to a meeting, please make sure it's a short one.

    I took my daughter a few times just to please my folks, but I knew that I didn't want my child to learn the doctrine and the guilt that goes with it. We ended up with dear friends at a local church with a fantastic children's program.

    I too was an unbaptized publisher, bailed out at age 18. Didn't need religion of any sort for a long time. Then got hungry for something... Long story.

    Just my contribution...

    P.S.: Here's my guess about the cool reception from the elder: as being at a Lion's club function is a grey area, he was embarassed to be seen, thinking he might be 'stumbling' you...

  • Gregor


    wonderful post and said well.

    Thanks and hope to see more of your posts

  • TresHappy

    We gave our old glasses to the Lions Club all the time...

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