U.N. Scandal Clarfications Please.

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  • AuldSoul

    KW13, that isn't quite correct. Many of the criteria have changed. The first criterion, however, has not. It demands that an Associate must support the principles of the UN Charter.

    Those principles are listed in Chapter 1, Article 2 of the UN Charter. Principle 6 is one which no Jehovah's Witness could ever subscribe to without violating their stand on neutrality.


  • KW13

    thanks for correcting me, i shall edit my post!

  • AuldSoul

    No problem, we have to watch out for each other. The ability to quickly adjust is the biggest thing that separates us from the bOrg. While they perpetuate lies for decades before changing their stand (admitting they lied) we can self-correct in minutes.

    Wow! What a nice difference, eh?


  • Kristofer

    Great links Blondie!

  • james_woods

    Just wondering - didn't one or more of these threads theorize on the individual who did the actual leg work to make this happen?

    Point being, does anybody know what eventually happened to him?

  • james_woods

    Just realized the above was not clear - I mean what bethel guy thought this up and got the application fixed with the UN? And what happened to him after the scandal broke and they had to cut losses and back out of it?

  • jgnat

    I think AlanF tracked down the card-holder, and he saw no conflict of interest in being associated with the UN, thought it was a great idea. Last I heard.

    Don't ask me to find the thread.

  • sf

    In the thread back in August 2001, that I've brought back to the top a couple of times now, in order that people will read it entirely, thusly GAIN ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE of the entire issue, HAWKEYE made this post:


    Well I just phoned the United Nations (NGO section) 212-963-7233 - 1:40pm edst, Sept. 26, 2001.

    I got a nice lady to confirm on her database that the WTS is a NGO and that they are fully registered with the NGO. So I guess the internet site is not wrong. She did tell me that they (the WTS) are not part of the United Nations but must agree and support the United Nations policies etc. She did not know exactly what the WTS was doing with for the UN right now as a NGO.

    I asked her how long they have been a member? She didn't know and transfered me to a Mr. A. Zabinski (sp?). I had to leave a message. More to follow.

    For those who also wish to telephone - you must leave your name, location, telephone number and your interest as to why you want to know. I think they are cautious because the USA named a couple of these groups as Terrorists.

    Does anybody want answers to questions? I don't know if they will give me copies of records or not but I will try. I will proceed with caution here and not start a yelling match that the UN got snookered by a "cult".

    He then posts a follow-up:


    Well I just got off the telephone with (2:35 pm edst)

    (Note: PLease remember the year "1991" in your heads for the rest of your life when you read this post).

    Mr. Oleg Dzioubinski
    Information Officier
    NGO Section
    Department of Public Information
    United Nations New York, N.Y. 10017
    Telephone 212-963-1859

    He is a busy guy but he did telephone me back. Here is my questions and his answers:

    Question: Is the Watchtower a NGO

    Answer: Yes

    Question: Is there a unique number to identify them?

    Answer: No, there are over 1,500 of them.

    Question: For how long has the Watchtower been a NGO

    Answer: Since 1991

    (Pause - did everyone read that - since 1991!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s 1991 !!!!!)

    (Pause - Thats 10 f__king years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy $h!t)

    Question: What do you have to show to be an NGO

    Answer: A variety of things including non-profit status and financial statements plus information showing you will promote and adhere to what the UN does.

    Question: What is an NGO and how does it relate to the UN

    Answer: NGOs have no status and are not part of the UN. They get information such as pamphlets that promote the UN through the DPI. Then using the pamphlets, they are then suppose to inform people what the UN is doing through various ways such as magazines.

    (Pause - Now I know why all the articles in the Awake magazines since 1991. The information in the Awake! was from the DPI on the UN . The WTS used the Awake! Magazine to get the DPI stuff out to it followers)

    Question: Some friends of mine are concerned over the Watchtower not saying nice things about the UN. Is this a proble?

    Answer: You can criticize the UN. But, we would take offence if they were using the UN name to raise money or they were saying they were a UN organization when they really are not.

    Question: Has the WTS received any money from the UN?

    Answer: Not that I am aware of.

    Question: So what is in it for the WTS if they don’t get any money?

    Answer: Well, they are promoting the UN and it helps to show you support the UN in certain areas

    (Pause: I just don’t get it - why would the WTS become a NGO with the DPI when they don’t get any money ....hmmm).

    He had to go to a meeting so we stopped the call.

    Hawk (Who is willing to telephone him back if you guys wany) p.s - 1991!!!!! - I just can't believe it - 10 years in bed promoting the UN!!!!!!!

    Again, I stress that those whom want to educate yourselves on this topic, from start to finish, please read this entire thread, in which above posts were linked:

    UNITED NATIONS , NGO's and WTBS [ http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/10732/1.ashx ]

    Sincerely, sKally

  • sf


    Shortly after the Society resigned from associated NGO status, I called the man who was probably the instigator of them joining up, one Harry Peloyan, who is editor-in-chief of Awake! I asked him to tell me what he thought about the furor. He immediately attacked me and started fuming about "you people" making a "molehile out of a mountain" (he coughed and corrected himself), and said that the only thing they had in mind was to get access to the UN's library. Since it has been pointed out that virtually all the materials are available either from other sources, or through a lengthier access process from the UN, I conclude that it was at first just to get easier access to the material. One man who works closely with Peloyan in the Writing Dept., one Ciro Aulicino (he was listed as the WTS contact man on the official NGO registration form) was often seen by Barbara Anderson going to the UN to do research. Peloyan, as editor of Awake!, was in a unique position to facilitate publishing articles that gave the appearance -- but not the reality -- of the WTS's complying with the requirements to be an associated NGO. It would have been impossible to get such articles of praise published without his cooperation. And knowing a bit of how Peloyan has always worked behind the scenes and used other people, like Aulicino, to get things done, I'm not a bit hesitant to speculate that Peloyan was the guy who was the 'muscle' behind getting the Watchtower to join the UN as an associated NGO. His amazingly bitter reaction to me on the phone proves it. I strongly suspect that after some time passed, some of these men and their cronies realized that they had some political capital with the association with the UN. During the 1990s they had WTS representatives appear before various political bodies such as the UN's European Human Rights Commission and the U.S. Congress in sessions on human rights. Of course, they were lobbying to get and keep various rights for themselves to further their religious goals. Most JWs that I've talked to about this at first deny that the Watchtower involved itself in politics, but when I point out that Martin Luther King was certainly engaged in political lobbying when he worked hard for human rights, they always acknowledge that the Society indeed hypocritically meddled in politics. I did some investigation among Bethelites and others around the time the NGO story first broke. No one outside Peloyan's inner circle of cronies knew anything about it, and in fact, were more than a bit shocked to hear of it. Therefore it's evident that these guys knew perfectly well that they had to keep their association with the UN quiet so as not to raise eyebrows among less cynical Bethelites. This demonstrates the gross hypocrisy of these Watchtower officials. - AlanF


  • greendawn

    It was things like their policies in Malawi and owning stocks in a military company that are really culpable, being an NGO of the UN is hypocritical more than anything else, it doesn't really harm anybody. It's just that an R&F member would have been thrown out by them if he had done a similar thing affiliating with a political organisation.

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