Push, Push, Push

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  • stillajwexelder
  • morwen
    Problem is -you tire people out if you keep them constantly in a state of eschatalogical expectancy - and also if you constantly have a big push for everything. Put another way, all emphasis is no emphasis

    Yep,keep push'n 'em WTS until they all just don't really care anymore.

  • slimboyfat

    If those December figures are anything to go by, it looks like there may me an overall increase for the service year - in America a least. The British figures have been not bad - so far at least. The long-awaited decline may be posponed a little while longer.

  • greendawn

    It's like the promotional campaign organised by commercial corporations and at the end of the day that's what they really are, things are obviously not being inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit as they claim they are. The Holy Spirit doesn't set this sort of targets only humans do.

  • Virgochik

    Yep, and I'm real sure those figures are accurate, clearly they are, aren't they brothers? Ha! About as accurate as all the faked time sheets the bean counters report, hook line and sinker!

    I don't trust their numbers. Anyway, how many new studies quit, how many attendees come to the Hall once and don't attend regularly, etc? What do the numbers really prove?

  • slimboyfat

    Accurate or not, year on year they compare like with like.

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    So this years faked hours are comparable with last years faked hours - consistent if nothing else.


  • jgnat
    Put another way, all emphasis is no emphasis


  • willyloman

    Based on my experience with this org, I believe the push is the direct result of last year's decline in Memorial attendance (compared to the previous year).

  • DanTheMan

    The beatings will continue until morale attendance improves!

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