I registered to vote

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  • NewYork44M

    On Saturday I had to get my driver's license. The clerk asked if I wanted to register, and I took her up on the offer.

    I have often thought about joining the ranks of voters but never felt strong enough about an issue to go through the process. While I am fiscally conservative I am a social liberal. I thought I would register as a republican but I am disgusted with the direction of the current administration. So, at the last minute when she asked what party I wanted to join, I told her to register me as an independent.

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  • littlerockguy

    I did the same thing the last election. I am conversative in some economic issues but socially libral so I guess you could say Im in the middle; not one extreme or the other. I did not vote for Bush.

  • Dimples

    Good for you, NewYork!

    I'm a registered voter also.


  • greendawn

    It's a healthy sign wanting to get involved in your country's politics, any sane and responsible citizen should. However I heard that by now the WTS has changed its rules and allows JWs to vote. Or is this info wrong?


    Registering to vote was the second biggest step I took after leaving the Dubs. The bigest was walking into a Catholic Church and realizing that God did not hate me.

  • Honesty


    Milestones in an ex-cult member's life include:

    Registering to vote.

    Donating blood.

    Attending a Christian church.


    I have yet to donate blood. I hate needles, and nearly pass out during blood tests.

  • wednesday

    I am a registered voter, I voted Republican and will continue to do so until they get a good dem to vote for. Currently I see no one I would even consider voting for, except perhaps john mcCain and that is it.

    voting the firat time was very exciting and I really enjoyed the whole thing.

  • Spectre

    I registered to vote for the 2004 election. It's funny thinking back on how that would have been such an evil thing for me to do at one point and now it's no big deal.

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