"Crash" - the movie

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  • LDH
    Sixofnine have you ever been around black people?

    Only in juvie, where he got shanked for using disrepectful racial monikers like "negroes."

  • sixsixsixtynine
    you're weird

    maybe so.

    Don Cheadle was great, as always in his role.

    I especially liked his line, "So who was it that brought all these unique cultures together, and taught them to park their cars on the lawn?"

  • simplesally

    Billygoat, I am with you LMAO ...... I wonder what sixy put in his Cheerios today!

  • Es

    I loved it it was one of the only movies that has really moved me....def brought me to tears a few times


  • Sparkplug

    Actually Guys and Gals...Six called from Louisiana and asked that I drop a note on this thread for him. (He must see a hanging coming). I guess because I am only half black he must have felt the blow would not be so hard.

    So anyhow, when he wrote that, "you're weird," it was addressed to sixsixsixtynine. Not you Ms. McDucket. He actually was worried that it came across as pretty mean to call you weird. (Which he was not).

    Yeah, he has been around black people and he himself is often found trying to steal my daughters copy of Nelly. I hear tell he wants a grill, and is trying to get hair transplants so that he can dredlock it!

    Seriously though...He was not calling you weird and the other thing...well "HE" can be a bit weird at times. Like one time "at Band Camp..."

    Oh yeah, I am the messenger because he probably won't be able to get online tonight.

  • Champion

    I thought is was great! Another favorite of mine is American History X with Ed Norton.

    Has anyone seen The House Of D, which was David Ducovny(wrong spelling) first directorial movie. It was similar in feel to Crash. I really enjoyed it too!

  • Berean

    Excellent movie. One of the best; not THE best, but, one of the best.

  • SixofNine

    "Sixofnine have you ever been around black people?"

    Indeed I have. In fact, after living amongst these high-jumping, colorful, rhythmic people for a period of six months, I happened upon my own lilly white face in a mirror and recoiled in shock at my own pale skin!


  • SixofNine
    Well, you know those negroes! If they're not tap-dancing they're shooting up the neighborhood or yelling, "B!tch better have my money!"!
    Oh the whole I like the Spics and Beaners a whole lot better. They know their place.

    *silence with almost palpable collective forum discomfort at Lisa's overt expressions of racism*

  • teejay

    Loved it!
    One of the best movies I've ever seen.

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