Are They Watching Us??

by Lady Liberty 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    I think they are watching so as to have an idea on what the ex JWs are up to and what sort of ideas and strategies they are developing in their battle against the WTS. Then they will examine ways of off setting these ideas with the R&F.

    I don't think they are really after individual JWs posting here.

  • Clam

    I don't think the WTS™ would like the idea of any JDubs™ visiting sites such as ours. Even if they were Elders™ in Good Standing™, the risk of them reading the “real truth” and they themselves defecting, wouldn't be worth the risk. Only my opinion.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I am sure that someone from dubland is watching this site and others, though I doubt they'd admit to it if asked, and maybe they are on the lookout for people still attending meetings who come on here. But that might work against the wts, as no jw would have their faith strengthened by reading the majority of posts on here, and some of them might even read something that would lead them out of the lie.

    Let em watch, they might learn something worth knowing for a change.

  • undercover

    I think the WTS has the site monitored to see how much "apostates" know and how quick we garner info on the WTS.

    But to have local bodies of elders watching the site is highly unlikely. Take RichieRich for example. The guy has posted his hometown, where he works and has plastered pictures of himself all over and never got caught.

    Of course, we haven't seen him in a couple of weeks. I hope he hasn't gotten caught. Even if he does, it will be because of the other young ones in his congregation that rat him out and not because the elders were watching the site waiting for him to post.

  • Odrade

    Didn't RR go down to FLA or somewhere for a gaming convention for the week? Maybe he did get caught, but he's probably just busy...

  • mamochan13

    Although I tend to agree that they probably aren't closely watching individuals through these forums - if they have targeted someone as a potential apostate who they want to make an example of, anything is possible.

    When the elders wanted to get me, they sat outside my house all night long and looked in my windows. So why wouldn't they watch forums?

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