We should hold our own memorial right here on JWD

by JH 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mary

    Silly Stilla.....you know girls can't teach from the platform.......ya sick apostate teachin bastard!

    Why you chauvanistic bastard!! I'll bet the Gumbeer wouldn't object to a woman teacher from the platform as long as she was handin' out freebies!!

  • KW13

    Ok how does this sound.

    Speaker starts thread. The first to reply was the next to recieve and so on and so on. By the time it gets to unclebruce theres nothing left! Or we get our own glass and plate!!!! and post our own comment

  • gumby

    Why you chauvanistic bastard!!

    Hey you....now you listen up here little lady! This ain't my idea....it came from some monk who lived in bethel who is now deseased. I'm all for naked ladies takin turns givin the damn talk.


  • SickofLies

    Ok, so when are we going to hold our apostate memorial? On the same date as the JW memorial or on easter like everyone else?

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis
    Meagan, I've been informed that our "virgins" don't need to have a post count if you want to volunteer! lol

    Hm, 2 kids and god only knows how many posts short of being able to partake in the rites of communion with the 'postates of the world. Maybe I'll just picket the kingdom hall instead.

    Thanks for trying though ballistic


  • KW13

    maybe AFTER the Jw's have had theres so we can cancel out the effects

  • daystar


    I'm all for naked ladies takin turns givin the damn talk.

    Heh heh, you would probably enjoy, then, the last two "communions" I attended.

  • Finally-Free

    Thanks JH! It's actually tomorrow, but this way I can get a head start on it.

    I think Gumby should give the memorial talk, as long as he promises not to get too theocratic.


  • Sunnygal41
    but all the guys would be flaccid while they were speakin and not listening to the spiritual food.

    (Sunny scratches her head.............wunderin' about Gum's use of the term flaccid.........cuz, in Sunny's dictionary that term means limp..........an' she's thinkin' Gum means turgid.........which means stiff..........?)

  • gumby

    I've given it at the Hall twice and still have my outline! All I need to do is make a couple of changes and it could happen. Any ideas of the changes I could make besides the ones already mentioned?


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