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  • KW13

    What was your reaction when you found the truth was a lie? At first i felt like everything was confusing and i felt lost but after a week (yep only that) of learning more i felt better and even intelligent.

    I had beaten one of the biggest lies alone!

  • daystar

    Hmm... I think the main reaction was that I stopped acting like a sheep and started taking control of my world.

  • JH

    The first lie that I saw was the lack of love. My reaction to my deception was that I became inactive and stopped attending meetings. Although I went back a few times, it wasn't the same anymore.

  • unclebruce

    I'm proud of you KW, you're a fine example of serving your mum in your youth. You probably don't like beer, so here have a funky cat

    unc who took many many years to escape.

  • ButtLight

    Since I have been pretty much inactive since I was 18, it didnt even phase me much.

  • freedomlover


    I had a pretty severe reaction. when I realized that the FDS was a bunch of liars I completely lost it for about 4 days. I couldn't sleep, eat, or think. I was terrified! I felt like if I left the "truth" I would be condemned forever by Jehovah. I prayed and cried for days. I came out of it after about a week but continued in a fog for quite a while ( maybe a few weeks.)

    now, life is great. I don't have guilt and fear of displeasing Jehovah or any big scary dude in the sky who keeps talley marks of my "sins."

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I had already figured out that they weren't God's people, as they professed to be, because of their extreme lack of love and harsh judgmental attitude towards even their own family members. That's why I left. But when I got online and discovered even more deceipt and hypocrisy, it served to amaze me that I'd been right. It was a most excellent feeling to have my suspicions about them confirmed in such a LARGE way.

  • schne_belly

    I, like many, was at first in denial..... but then I thought that if Was really the truth, I would be able to PROVE it to myself, and...well, here I am.... I couldn't!

  • lowden

    The lack of true undiluted, unconditional love is and was a big deal. There's loadsa stuff and if i'm honest it really has taken quite a while for the chains to finally rust away. When i was a sweet little Catholic kid all i ever wanted to do was 'the right thing'. With the JWs i was 200% certain i'd found the TRUTH, as did many of us. When the carpet was finally pulled from under my feet.....that was a BIG deal for me! I don't think the anger and frustration has properly subsided yet and surfaces from time to time, especially when self righteous sods walk past you in the street with noses aloft. But to quote Van Morrison, ''The healing has begun''.



  • KW13

    Unclebruce - I do like beer!!!! a funky cat lol, i can't drink that

    Freedomlover - Well done for getting free properly, despite what faced you.

    Other people - Completely understandable responses/actions e.t.c I find it interesting that so many felt some kind of sadness, disappointment or hurt. It goes to show that it can't be the truth otherwise we'd still be there!

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