Need some JW literature? Try this... :)

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  • Judc

    Sick of Lies--you're kidding, right?

    You realize, that could land some jail time if you're caught? Especially considering the value of that stuff?

    C'mon. That just stoops to the level they expect from "opposers" and dissenters.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Yesterday I scored.

    On the way back from Laughlin Nevada we were driving through the desert. Out in the middle of the Desert there was a little store in Fenner CA. He had stacks of Watchtowers and Awakes for free. He modified the "Take One" to "Take Some" so I did.

    I got a stack of mags and some yearbooks. Nothing over a few years old though. On my way out the poor fella was beaming that he had just placed all those magazines. I fought back the urge to scream out "TOO A WICKED APOSTATE WHO WILL USE THEM TO REMOVE ANOTHER BRICK FROM THE WALL" I left some for the next apostate.

  • SickofLies
    You realize, that could land some jail time if you're caught?

    I wont get caught.

  • MissBehave

    Just leave a donation. Isn't the literature available to the public for donation? They don't stamp the library copies with "Do Not Remove" or "Property of Congregation" right? I think SickOfLies could get around serving any jail time by playing his cards right.

  • Kristofer

    Quotes - that was hilarious.

  • rebel8

    Get a 1934 Yearbook. It would be a nice addition to your retirement fund.

  • nicolaou

    What's special about the 1934 yearbook?

  • rebel8
  • nicolaou

    I still don't know what's so special about the 1934 yearbook but for those who are interested there's one for sale at eBay now.

    Item number 7020551963

  • nicolaou

    Ah! Should've checked rebel8's link to Randy's site...

    The books, Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose and Jehovah's Witnesses, Proclaimer's of God's Kingdom, report that the Nazi government confiscated Watchtower property after raiding their Magdeburg Germany headquarter's twice during 1933. 3 In response to the first raid, a "Declaration of Facts" was drafted by J.F Rutherford (2nd WT President), which they claim denounced Hitler, his government and Nazism. 4 However, this Declaration, which was reprinted in The 1934 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, represents the proverbial "skeleton" in the Watchtower's closet.

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