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  • carlitos

    In watching the recent protests in this country in regards to the issue of illegal/legal immigration, one gets to read the many stories of success from many of these immigrants that came over from south of the border. Keeping politics aside, one can't but be astounded by the will and desire that many of them have to "make it" here in the USA. Many of them have realized the "American Dream". Many of them are business owners, home owners(sometimes owning more than one home), college educated, and even leaders in their local communities. When I compare this to what my JW parents have accomplished, keeping in mind that they also are immigrants south of the border, I see the great disparities in this comparison.

    First of all,
    my parents own nothing, zilch, "nada", zero, -1. Why? Because they never settled down because they were too busy going were the need was great. They thought that owning a home would somehow show materialism and greediness, because after all, this world was going to end.

    my parents have no retirement plan,ie: savings, 401k, Roth IRA.....They have NOTHING...Do you realize that this means NOTHING...... They are going to work until their 80's and somehow make it on Social Security...DISGUSTING....

    they still have a fear of an almighty Corporation that controls their thoughts and ideas. That's like saying to this corporation, "Thank you, may I have another" DISGUSTING...Psychology at its best and not even a thank you card in return to being faithful and obedient to the almighty <<<<WATCHTOWER>>>>.

    This awful and bastardly corporation has destroyed this family of immigrants, everybody on my dad's side. This whole side of the family tree has nothing to show but sighs and lament. Sure, we all have free will, but that is just chicken shit. That's like saying that Hitler's wife, or girlfriends, had free will. Sure they had free will, "but if you leave your going to regret it".

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  • Dismembered

    Dear Carlitos

    It's so sad. I have family members who've done, and continue to do the same exact thing! It makes me sick to my stomach how some of them continue to disregard there stand in life, and continue in the perpetual watchtower membership drive. Yet they don't even have goddam pot to pee in. If misery loves company, come on in let's trade stories my friend.

    Welcome to the board!


  • gumby
    This awful and bastardly corporation has destroyed this family of immigrants, everybody on my dad's side. This whole side of the family tree has nothing to show but sighs and lament.

    ....and that's just YOUR family Carlitos. Thousands of more families have had the fate of your family. This doesn't even include the many who never had children in obeidience to an alcoholics false predictions concerning the end of the world. I had two aunts that died childless in honor of the drunk.


  • anewme

    Carlitos, you could not have articulated your anger better! Getting angry and speaking my real mind is very new to me. We are not allowed this freedom as a child of alcoholics or in the org. of JW.

    So I appreciate your words of anger and blame rightly placed.

    You spoke for me and thousands of others.

    I have nothing, nada, zilch, zero, big 0! I was a good JW and put the kingdom and the congregation first.

    All I have is my life at 52 and the freedom to start over.

    No money.

    No savings.

    No career skills.

    No social skills.

    No children.

    I dont even know when the holidays are or how to celebrate them.

    I joke and tell people I am from the planet Zoron! I am new to the planet earth! Good grief.

  • Wild_Thing

    Watchtower is famous for doing this to everybody. They prey on the poor, the needy, the weak, and the mentally ill. In other words, they search out people who got a bum rap in life, and of course want more. They disguise their "kindness" by saying that they gave them hope. In reality, they are making them dependent on their religious corporation (I like that word), and actually taking away hope of them succeeding on their own in life. Sad.

  • Brigid

    I too feel your pain. I watch my aging mother have nothing. No savings. No health insurance. No life insurance (I heard her once when I was young give a fine "witness" to an unsuspecting life insurance salesperson about her lack of need for insurance because this system of things would end before I was out of gradeschool--well, I'm now 36). She lives from meager paycheck to meager paycheck. Often, I must send money to simply keep her from starving or getting the electricity cut off.

    The only reason she has a house is because a worldly aunt took pity on her and gave it to her but she lacks even a sufficient salary to keep up repairs and so it is shifting off its foundation, at times, the bathroom is not fully functional.

    I watch sadly as my brother's brilliance is squealched as he chases this pipe dream of the new system. The boy who mastered any mathematics, wrote computer programs, fantasy stories now waits tables for a "living" trying to support his sickly wife and 2 sons (again, sans health insurance).

    I am glad for what it taught me, however--to value myself. Believe it or not. Since I've "left", I've had rabid "immigrant" mentality. I look around and constantly see opportunity everywhere I look. I liken it to winning to global lottery. I have set-backs in business at times, I look for the backdoor. I'm always working on a new art or business (or spiritual) project--sending out my "feelers" in all different directions and watching in wonder where they flourish; cutting out the tendrils that fail. I used to live in a weedy trailor park waiting helplessly for armageddon to come and wash me away--now I L-I-V-E.

    Love and Light,


  • greendawn

    Wild thing, the WTS may particularly prey on the poor and needy but by no means are all its victims from the bottom social layer, in the KH where I was and the 4 or 5 surrounding ones there were hardly any poor and needy.

    This is something I could never understand why some dubs are so self sacrificing towards the WTS when they know that this org is putting out no safety net for them for their later years and they certainly have no reputation for helping out their loyal members even those that spent a lifetime serving them.

    Can't you point out these things to them? Why didn't they ask the FDS before going out on this venture what they will do for them in the later part of their lives will they help them with a small pension for example? If not why leave their old age uncertain and insecure?

    The FDS will reassure them by saying: "don't worry serve the kingdom and jehovah will secure your old age" but is serving the WTS the same as serving the kingdom? Or "don't worry it won't be long before the end comes" but they've been saying that for 120 years plus how do you know that obeying the WTS will earn god's saving favour?

  • aniron

    And still the Watchtower keeps say

    "Don't go into further education

    Don't go to university.

    Don't get a career or decent job."

    "The end is near, the end is near"

    yeah "The sky is falling. The sky is falling"

  • willy_think

    too true, too oftin.

    the JWs being the only TRUE christans must then be the only christans.

    that being so, to the best of my knolige.

    there is not one "christan" orphange.

    not one christan widows home.

    not one christan organization giving bread to the hungry.

    not one christan NPO giving more then thay take in.

  • LDH


    Don't worry, you'll have enough money to take care of them!

    Reading this and comments from ANEWME reminded me that even though we may be 'out' we are still responsible for our parents. So we are continuing to pay for their mind-blindness and numbing cognitive dissonance.

    Brigid, your poor mom. The worst part, is that she doesn't even know how bad it is. Any money you send her is 'a blessing from Jehovah' --not the fruits of your bust-yer-hump labor.


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