Were the Nephilim sterile? Did they have offspring?

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    It is more relevant in today's world than any of us can even imagine.

    Then how do you know?

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    Paul Bland

    About these Nephilim. There are actually more races involved than just angels and men. There are the Loyal Angels who remained with the Almighty God in the civil war. There are the rebelling Angels who brought the proxy war to Earth. And there are the sons of God who were immortal, and their mission from the Almighty was to remain in Heaven. They were not supposed to come to Earth. According to the Book of Enoch, they brought the knowledge to the human race, not the rebelling Angels. They are immortal of the human species. Perhaps Adams' cousin, not Adams children, or Adams' father. They (the sons of God) were deceived by Satan and lured here from Heaven. They even asked for forgiveness. (B.O.E.) They are the ones who procreated Nephilim, not the angelic race. The Nephilim, when they die, they become "demons". So we have at least Loyal and rebelling angels, sons of God (immortal) sons of men (mortal) and demons, the hybrid (half mortal-flesh half immortal-spirit. The Nephilim lack the essence of man.

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