'Knocking' Review from East Lansing Film Festival

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  • LDH
    He showed old footage of brothers being beaten, tar and feathered(although this wasn't specifically shown, it was mentioned), JW teachers losing their jobs, and other injustices. This section was to show the freedoms that JW's brought to all of us living in the USA.

    OK Thanks so much for posting this.

    The above sentence makes me MAD!!!! The JWs did not bring us FREEDOMS!!! The collective conscience of onlookers and the 'wordly justice system' brought us freedoms!!!

    They were nothing more than collateral damage. It's made to make themselves feel better. It's a self-congratulatory position.

    Shit, based on this example, black Americans have 'brought us waaaayyyy more freedoms' considering all the times they have hung from the trees as strange fruit.

    What about the way the Japanese 'brought us waaaayyy more freedoms' with the loss of all of their posessions and the forced internment in California during WW II?

    I could go on. The point is, the JWs took unusual stances not because they wanted to bring us freedom, but because they felt Jehovah was using ONLY THEM since 1914.


  • rebel8

    Thanks Jourles!

    I wonder if Joel ever read the Declaration of Facts?

    I sent it to him way back when he announced he was producing this film, along with documentation of other serious issues. I got an email back from his intern confirming they had received it. I mention this to point out that this guy wasn't simply a victim of poor research; he chose to ignore the facts.

  • Honesty

    Maybe this 'documentary' is designed to make a little pocket change for the producers and to help keep the poor deceived JW's who see it convinced that they and they alone have Truthâ„¢ from God's Word.

  • Honesty
    I could go on. The point is, the JWs took unusual stances not because they wanted to bring us freedom, but because they felt Jehovah was using ONLY THEM since 1914.

    Fro what I understand, J.F. Rutherfraud incited 'da bruthers' to riot in front of courthouses where JW cases were being heard in order for the WTBT$ to be able to appeal the decisions all the way to the Supreme Court.

  • jeeprube

    If 90-95% in attendance are JW's, then what's the point of the film? In reality, nobody cares except JW's. Those of us in the real world are focused on much more important things. Frankly, I'm glad to hear about all the JW backslapping, it goes to show the utter uselessness of making a film about an insignificant cult.

  • Quotes

    TThanks for the review, Jourles.

    A thought occurred to me, regarding the JW court cases which expanded/clarified freedoms: Larry Flynt, Bob Guccione, and Hugh Hefner have also had their days in court which have resulted in the clarification and expansion of freedoms in America.


    When you think of Joe Rutherford, you should also think of Larry Flynt! They share so much in common:

    • Both are Freedom Fighters that have taken their Freedom of Expression arguments all the way to the Supreme Court!

    • Idea logically United in their Quest for Freedom!

    • Both grew a huge Publishing business as almost a by-product of their One-True-Love (bible, and boobs, respectively)

    • Both are/were Chemical and/or Alcohol Dependent!

    • Both were once Christians, both for a short time!

    • Flynt was shot in an assassination attempt; Many People WISH that Rutherford was assassinated

    • Flynt's magazine is called "Hustler", while Rutherford's duplicity means he was a Hustler

    • Flynt's magazine is published locally Canada ("split run" is the term); Rutherford's Watchtower is likewise printed locally.

    (Disclaimer: I saw (but did not meet, darn!) Larry Flynt in Jan 2004, Gold Wheelchair and all. For those that want the tantalizing details, I will only say that on that same occasion there was plenty of... erm... "Augmentation" in the room that evening. I never met Rutherford, what with him being dead and all, but I did meet Freddie Franz when I was a kid.)

  • LDH


    Yah you're right LOL. No one else cares. They might as well just distribute copies to the local congs for screenings after the memorial.

    Quotes, that was hilarious.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Dallas in June, huh? Okay, peeps, let's think of what we can do to show the OTHER side of "Knocking."

    Nina (who's too lazy to log Big Tex out at the moment)

  • jgnat

    The crowd reminds me very much of what happens when our church ran a Christian film.

    When the regular Christian community develops a quality film, they produce JESUS. Who is celebrated?

    When the JW community develops a quality film, they produce KNOCKING. Who is celebrated?

    It really does sound like a "puff piece". I am severely disappointed in the film maker.

  • Odrade

    Perhaps you should post your review here:


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