Why does it go quiet on the board at certain times

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  • LDH
    That's one crazy mutha shut yo mouf.


    Richard Roundtree Class

  • KW13
    I have done a few LAN partys in my time KW, as an Unreal Tournament player. Though you need to have a pimped PC to do that - man. - Quote Ballistic

    So you never got to play?

  • ozziepost

    You guys deserve to be let into the secret - unclebruce has a secretary and they do shifts on JWD. so don't you Merry Cans be fooled - it ain't always him!

  • Frog

    Well, it seems the Uncle B word has been mentioned several times, and you guys still haven't successfully managed to flush him out...

    somebody go for the torch, there's a fair chance Uncle B has fallen down the outbackdunny shoot! lol

  • Frog

    it's official Ballistic the board is very tame tonight...I always know this when my name appears predominately across the board for near on an hour...btw, i sent you a pm...feel free to messenger me, I'm in dire need of entertainment! frog x

  • ballistic

    ding ding, you got mail!

  • Frog

    right back at ya!

  • greendawn

    That's because most members of the forum are from the USA and during the time that they sleep when it's late night over there things tend to get quiet.

    When it's 8AM in the UK it's 12AM to 3AM in the US depending on time zone (and in Australia it's 4PM - 7PM) so expect things to be especially quiet from 8AM to 4PM UK time.

  • wombat

    Yeah Greendawn...The whole problem is caused by the Pacific Ocean. It takes up half the planet if you turn the globe in the right position.

    What we need is Postates in Fiji or Hawaai (or however you spell it).

    Didn't the WTS go there?

    Like Frog, I am tired of seeing my name in print.. To solve this problem we need either to get rid of the Pacific Ocean or find an equivalent of unclebruce in Haiwaii.

    I suggest a collection to send him there...

  • wombat

    It's good to see you Americans waking up. I'm off to bed.

    There's been some good posts here. Maybe check them out. G'nite...Wombat

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