Best experiences with spouses

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  • SickofLies

    Ok, since your so instant. I actually liked being married, maybe not the act of marriage itself, but I liked going out for dinner and taking long walks with my ex, I miss those things. I miss how we would stay up all night talking, getting into debates about politics, religion and other issues. My ex was very intelligent and always made me think. I hope to find that kind of relationship again one day (oh ya, the sex was good too).

  • AuldSoul

    For my fifth year wedding anniversary, I arranged for 1 long stemmed red rose to arrive at my wife's place of employment every day for 11 workdays along with a single line of a 12-line poem I wrote. On the 12th day, she received the last line and 13 roses for a total of 24. By day 6 she had coworkers coming daily to her desk for the next line of the poem. That wasn't actually the best experience, but it did lead to some experiences which are among the best.

    Then there was the mind-blowing trip to Las Vegas, when the company I worked for sent me out to handle the IT needs of a trade show.

    We occasionally have "cuddle-days" where we clear our schedule, unplug phones and TVs, and cuddle all day. Not sex, just cuddle and talk. Those are wonderful. The cuddling often leads to other things later in the evening, of course...

    I would like to tell a few other of the best experiences, but there are some concerns that prevent it. (1) I was once engaged to the daughter of one of the Forum Assistants, (2) this thread is in the Friends forum, (3) some of you still like me at this point, (4) if my wife ever does leave the bOrg and sees what I could post she would kill me.


  • bebu

    When I was in college my boyfriend was a cartoonist, and he gave me a huge home-made valentine with him in a "prince charming" outfit offering up flowers. Adorable--and funny because he had a bit of a beer belly and he drew that in, too.

    My husband quit his job not too long after we met in order to come to Japan where I was working under contract. Talk about romantic. We got married about 5 months after he came (March 28 --2 days from now--will be anniversary #19).


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