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  • greendawn

    After the thread about the worst experiences with ex spouses and ex boyfriends/girlfriends, it is now time to ask the opposite question: what were your best experiences with them and/or with your current ones?

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    Well, there was this one time, at band camp.... :P

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  • greendawn

    For me it was the woolen jumpers, or pullover sweaters in the USA dialect, that my ex girlfriend had knitted for me they were not just nice but also durable they lasted for years and I still have one of them after 8 years, you can talk about home made things beating the quality of mass produced items any time be it clothes, food, furnitures etc and it is also the magic feeling that they were prepared with human warm hands rather than with cold machines.

  • Frog

    none to date Greendawn...but that possibly comes from not having had one...

    btw, I hadn't taken you for a 44year old male Greendawn, you come across as particularly sensitive in your posts, that's a compliment btw

  • greendawn

    Thanks for the good words Frog, I always tried to be nice with my girlfriends, after all if you are not nice, in an intimate relationship the bad feelings caused in the partner will readily resonate in you.

  • luna2

    I've only had one spouse and not a lot of boyfriends so I'm still thinking. LOL There had to have been some good stuff in there's just not coming to mind.

  • serendipity

    I've not been married and have had only a handful of boyfriends and didn't make good choices, so only a few things stand out that seem minor. But since no one else is posting....

    1. One bf wrote me a love "letter" which was a list of the 100 things he loved about me. It wasn't gushy or poetic but it didn't need to be. I felt very appreciated, cherished (and truth be told, sexy) by that and kept it for a long time. That meant more than the flowers he gave me.

    2. When I was first starting to date another bf, I mentioned I had an interest in a certain activity but didn't have the 'tool' for it. So he bought me an appliance on our fifth date. I appreciated that because it showed he was listening to me and he wanted me to pursue my interests. That meant more than the chocolate he bought for me or jewelry he offered to buy for me. (And I do love chocolate, but jewelry isn't that important to me.)

    3. I appreciated a male coworker who would routinely ask my opinion on matters that weren't work-related. (He would have made it to bf status under different circumstances.) I notice that men don't tend to ask women their opinions or advice. So when a man does that it makes me feel valued for my mind and experiences.

  • serendipity

    Come on people, surely you have some good experiences with your signficant others.

  • unclebruce

    Well, my head is still spinning with intrigue at the girls above (woman your name is mystery lol)

    I had 20 years of good experience ~ from balmy nights under harbour lights to white water rafting. I think the best times were spent raising the girls though. Little things like sending them to sleep with a smile, playing at the beach or opening presents on xmas morning.

    If each day is happy you'll have a happy life (a simple theory but it generally works for me).


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