Dogma of eternal punishment....(before I was a Dub)

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  • Shazard

    upside... you didn't considered the thing that sin is against ehternal God, so the punishment is ethernal. and God is not active agent for "punishing" the wicked, but themselves. soul is created as ethernal substance, so after phisical death soul keeps existing, differece is the state in which soul continues to exist... state of God's presence is paradise, state of being away from God is hell... And the fire burning you is you yourself. Aknowledghing that you were wrong, seeing yourself as you are in reality, understanding that your state is unchangable... pretty hellish state!

  • GodisRight
    The dogma of eternal punishment and hell is one of the things that led me to question my faith.

    We live in a temporal world/universe bound by time. Either (as the faithful believe) the world will be made new after the final judgment, or the universe and humanity will cease to exist (entropy and all that). In either case, no crime, no sin, committed in this life can have everlasting effects.

    How then, can eternal punishment for a sin having only temporal effects be just?

    My answer is that it is unjust.

    u/d(of the trying to sound smart class

    Well, there was a guy convicted of child molestation. Years later he was released. He raped a girl and then killed her to avoid going back to prison. I figure if God were to destroy this person forever, this guy would not able to harm anyone again.

  • Clam

    This was one area I agreed with the dubs on....among a couple others.

    This doctrine planted a doubt in my mind when I turned christian after exiting the dubs. I wondered if they thought this teaching was biblical, how many things could I trust that they taught. It make me question things a bit more.

    Gumboil I'm having a hell of a job (see what I'm doing?) understanding this post of yours. Are you talking about Hades, The Big Sleep, Eternal Torment or what???

  • gumby


    I'm talking about eternal torment. I could NEVER swallow the idea and was stumbled you might say that much of christendom believes in such a horrible concept of it's creator. ( type "hell" into your address bar and see how many believe this doctrine)

    The thought of this gripes my ass to no end that people would believe shit like this( I'm gettin mad just talking about it)

    Why would pastors who supposedly understand god and his word teach this stuff.....that god will continually torture someone for eternity for sinning for 70 years? Do people understand the concept of agony and torture that will never ever end? Churches do no justice to themselves to teach shit like this other than force a fear in members to stay faithful. I'd spit in a gods face who would do such a thing!


  • Clam

    Gumby ok, thanks for clarifying. That’s how I feel too. Hellfire and damnation is a bizarre and corrupt concept, and certainly a heavy penalty for those who are imperfect anyway.

    Eternal oblivion should be enough to worry about for those that think they can influence their fate. For those that have brought the idea of infinite suffering, then a life of fear and anxiety is their reward, regardless of whether they're on the path of good or evil.

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