Why are Witnesses better at being "Mean" than being "Nice"?

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  • parlay

    My observations have been that whenever there is a situation where most JW's would have to do more than they really want to,

    they have a mental escape hatch. They tell themselves that Jehovah will take care of all things,

    therefore persons in need can trust in and wait on Jehovah. So now the JW can offer words

    of encouragement, maybe a card or phone call, and feel they have exercised christian love to the

    one in need. They talk a good talk, but when it comes right down to it, instead of practicing

    what they preach, most quickly head for the escape hatch.

  • LDH

    Nicely put Lady Lee.

    I also believe most of them are just plain miserable and unhappy. Does anything good come out of Nazareth?

  • anewme

    We'll see how they do at giving to the new African Kingdom Hall building project.

  • moshe

    We had a sister with an unbelieving husband in my old KH. One of the brothers befriended him and started a Bible study. Once he discovered that Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Holidays he was Gung-Ho to join. NO more Xmas, birthday,anniversary, and valentines day presents to buy. I think The Watchtower religious belief system attracts people who don't like sharing or giving material things.



  • rhian

    I know that in our KH doing anything like the "spaghetti dinner" thing would have been considered highly inappropriate. For years we were told that the only reason JWs were organized at all was to carry out the preaching work. On the one hand, this gave people the feeling that they DID have a personal relationship with God that was not tied to the organization -- on the other hand, we were specifically told that any social activity or aid for others was to be done on a personal basis, not on a congregation basis. Having a dinner to raise money for someone would have been considered a "social" event and frowned upon. You were expected to put up the money yourself.

    Later they tried to turn the disinterest and self-centeredness around a bit, but it was too late. And then the elders weren't exactly a good example, either.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    The only JW 'fund-raising' I was ever aware of were the 'swap parties' (was/is this a UK thing?) - and the money raised went to the Org.

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