The KKK and NAACP are NGOs!

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  • unclebruce

    LOL Seeing double eh? She's right now cobber, appreciative unc

    LOL Seeing Double eh? She's right now cobber, appreciative unc

  • Clam

    Thank you Auld Soul and the JWD Cross Examining Committee (JWDCEC) of Swalker and Uncle Bruce. I hope the poster who is in the middle of a discussion with her/his JW parents on this matter has seen this very good post. Misuse of nomenclature, skimming the precise issues, matched with WTS subterfuge make for a confusing mix, especially when acronyms are thrown in everywhere. This makes things crystal clear I hope.


    AS...thanks for going into detail and setting the record straight. I think when you read the information that is put out by the U.N. it is understandable why people get the idea that the term "NGO" is the issue. It clearly is not! It's only accurate to say:

    As an NGO they were an Associate member of the UN/DPI. With the stress being on ASSOCIATE....

    I agree that we all need to get in the habit of using that terminology so that we get the point across.


  • unclebruce

    After all the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has said about the United Nations I think a JW would have a damn cheek just using the coffee dispenser in the UN lobby.

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