Why God is full of it and Satan is the man. Please read. Then Judge.

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  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    If I had to judge what you said, then I must say your way off. you need to start over.

  • brandon_the many
    brandon_the many

    welcome pinhead...

    Well, Lucifer did descend from the father's kingdom...Lucifer chose to boast about himself and also questioned the Father. Lucifer , being the angel of music...was cast down into the World. Thus, giving man sin and temptation...Personally, it sounds like you have watched Constantine way to much...a good movie. old actor...anyways....It appears that you already know the truth about the teachings..It is up to the individual to accept his or her own actions and beliefs.. ..but, the truth that Satan drives is nothing more than a fabrication...at times i have fallen from grace in my life, but as you know the human race is far from perfection...as far as judgement...we are not qualified....who is qualified to give God counsel or advise.....Satan rules the Worldly...but not the humble....it's all about quality and not quantity...

  • Golf

    Welcome PH. You know what they say about giving a person enough rope, right?


  • Amazing1914


    I understand and given the parameters you describe, then your conlcusion is one plausible response. However, whether you realize it or not, you are parroting the standard Watchtower party-line as to what JWs are told that the Christian Churches teach. Perhaps, in time, it will do you some good to research various Christian denominations, various Protestant, as well as Roman Catholic and Orthodox. Hopefully your opinion will broaden enough that Satan can remain the wicked person he is, and in the mix of things, Christ will stand out for the god Savior that he is.

    Jim W.

  • brandon_the many
    brandon_the many

    Sounds to be more of an uprising for a topic....you know that old saying... "there are no atheists in a foxhole."

    well, if you believe in Satan, then you must believe in God...you can not have good with out evil......

    "it's your choice.......heaven or hell.....it's your choice heaven or hellllllllllllll........"........

    artist:rocket from the cryt ......

    song: march of dimes

  • Pinhead

    First, let me say Hi All!

    To give a little background on myself, please look up my profile. I was "Freddy Krueger" years ago. I got a new computer and life. I Couldn't get my old password or log back in under that name. But that's me. So, this is my new name. Anyway to respond to all here I go:

    crazyblondeb - Thanks for the welcome!

    unclebruce - it better be in widescreen, and High def!

    daniel-p - Glad to be in the club!

    unclebruce & daniel-p - Not worried at all, lets get together and do shots!

    Spectre - Exactally!

    Bstndance - LOL!

    bebu - Not concerned or mixed up. I just love fictional stories and wanted to get a take on everyone elses beliefs. Cant prove a believe or faith. Only personal experience, and then again, can't prove that either.

    OICU8it2 - Awesome screen name!

    The Lone Ranger - Explain yourself. Satrt over? It's very plain what I stated. What's your take?

    brandon_the many - I Like your thinking but, what do you mean? Not the humble?

    but, the truth that Satan drives is nothing more than a fabrication

    So, it's a fabrication? I already belive that, but you seem to feel he actually exists and can rule.

    Satan rules the Worldly

    Okay I'll go with that thinking, but Satan rules the worldly? Why? We are all worldly. But the most evil person that went against God (According to the book, because I can not debate unless I go with the book (Which I don't believe in) But for discussion purposes I have to go with your belief. You still believe this being gets to rule the worldly while you yourself are imperfect and no better yourself. This perfect spirit creature that opposed the Almighty gets to go on, even for a limited time. Yet we, who don't know, get to suffer, daily. Just a thought. Would love to expand on this with you. Not an argument, just a discussion. With typed prose it's hard to tell. I don't know all. I want to learn and listen.

    Golf - I wish I had enough rope. LOL

    Amazing1914 - Please enlighten me to how Satan is the wicked person? Very interested in this.

    brandon_the many - Not an uprising, I don't believe in Satan or God. (I do believe in a Source) But not the God of the Bible. I just want other peoples opinions, because we all can help each other. Faith and Belief can not be proved. It's individual and personal experience.

    Thanks for all the input. Love and peace to you all. Talk soon.


    "Demons to some, Angels to others. What's your pleasure?"

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