Worst experiences with ex spouses

by greendawn 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • arwen

    Reading your life stories made me very sad but all of you should be proud of yourselves for coming through that terrible time in your life...Most people have no idea what others have been through. I, too, have had a terrible ex in my past and someday may have the courage to talk about it here. Right now I feel a bond with all of you and your sufferings. and as jgnat said " a life well led is the best revenge"

  • rhian

    Worst experience, Husband #1: He died, but it took him several grueling years. Prior to that he was depressed, abusive and suicidal. We got into an argument and he went looking for his guns, which he had stacked on the floor in a corner of the living room so he could clean them (and us with two small children!) Fortunately, the NIGHT BEFORE I had taken them all out of their holsters and put them in the trunk so I could take them to my parents' house, because I was afraid the boys & I would walk in & find him splattered all over the walls.

    Worst experience, Husband #2: May not have happened yet. Hopefully it has. He swept me off my feet, and after two years of dating and resisting the temptation to "misbehave" (okay, maybe just a little), we married and he became Mr. Hyde. Horrible experiences are too numerous to list here. Watch for my book to be published.


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