What do you do now with all that extra time?

by beautifulisfree 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • beautifulisfree

    I was just wondering what everyone does with their extra time?? The meetings took up so much time in our lives. For me its soo fun to sleep late on Sat (no service!) and Sundays. And the other nights I spend time with my husband or family just relaxing or doing something fun. I once read "Its better to be fishing on the lake thinking about God. Then sitting in church thinking about fishing" I agree!

  • candidlynuts

    whatevah i wanna do!!

    that numbing tiredness is gone.. i was so burned out and tired of knocking myself out to DO MORE, never pleasing anyone. I think God likes the new me better!

  • Kristofer

    Yeah, I tried to convince my ex of the idea...but I guess it was Satan speaking through me. I thought I'd be aware if the Prince of Darkness was using me.

  • ferret

    What extra time are you talking about other than JWD.

  • lola28



  • MegaDude

    I was about 10,000 R-rated movies behind in my movie watching due to the JW PG-13 rating limit. I'm almost caught up.

  • candidlynuts

    lol i didnt see a rated R movie till my 30s.. i'm now 40 and am still catching up !!

  • merfi

    Right now it's about 8:15 on a Thursday night. Probably about song time, I'm guessing, although our meetings always go overtime. Hate that.

    So, with my free time tonight, I have waxed my eyebrows and am just about to rinse out some highlights. I enjoy more fluff time, I guess. :)

    Saturday mornings I sleep in -- heavenly.

  • ithinkisee

    The other day Freedomlover and I took the kids hiking and she said, "So THIS is what people are doing when we called on their doors!"


  • misspeaches

    Hmm lets see... On Monday nights when I would have been spending an hour marking my publications for the week (one must keep up appearances you know and its not hard to find the answers) I now spend that time watching Dead Like Me.

    On Tuesday nights I might go watch a movie (tight arse tuesdays ie cheap night) or catch up on some housecleaning or make a yummo dinner.

    On Thurdsay nights my boyfriend and I have some kids aged about 16 or 17 convene at our place and we do stuff with them. Maybe watch a movie. Maybe something arty. Maybe go out. Maybe just have some great discussions.

    On Saturday mornings I am usually sleeping in from enjoying my Friday night the before. Or off to hit a sale somewhere.

    On Sunday mornings I attend a non denominational church which I enjoy....

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