Judicial Committees

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  • hallelujah

    Wow Jgnat

    I'm a fourth year law student and it never even occurred to me that the Judicial arm of the WT government ought to be held to the principles of open court, principles which the WTBTS is supposed to support when it comes to the nations which are under the power of the wicked one Jehovah, which is called King of the nations (Jehovah - Jer 10:7).

  • cosmic

    Of all the answers, I think Danny Hazzard is the closest. hallelujah, you are correct, however, the point seemed to be missed that in a national court, you aren't necessarily there because you want to be, you are there because the state reputes to want to find out the truth of a matter. The JCs are a bunch of kangaroos because they go into it with the assumption that you must have hosed up or you wouldn't be there. Whihc brings up the final rivet of irony: you are there because you WANT to be there. I mean, just the fact that you showed up kind of indicates what your "heart condition" is. However, you are dealing with janitors and house painters. Now, before I get stoned here, there is nothing wrong with house painters and janitors per se, but they serve on a jury, not on the bench. There is a universe between the two positions. Does anybody know if anyone just simply never showed up at a JC? I mean, what could they do if they "called you into the back room" and you refused to go. "Nope, sorry. I'm a little busy right now. Maybe, next wedensday. In the afternoon, possibly."

  • anewme

    The judgement of the JC meeting, the disfellowshipping and the eternal shunning forever are a big eye opener for many who were formerly very loyal to the JW organization (and who might continue to be loyal had they received more merciful treatment)

    A more merciful approach, a more patient and Christlike approach might help recover many who fall into sin and allow others who simply disagree to leave without repercussion.

  • jgnat

    They get DF'd in absentia, cosmic. Not showing up displays an unrepentant heart condition. This has been documented several times on this board.

  • ferret


    If you fail to show after being given notice they proceed without you. I know because I have been there and done that.

  • crazyblondeb


    If you don't show up they df you anyway. My car broke down on the way to one of many JC meetings. I called and told them that. They didn't waste any time driving to my house to tell me they had decided to df me. I was so pissed off at my car and them, by that time I didn't care!


  • anewme

    Crazyblondeb, no wonder you are "crazy" cause that is just CRAZY!!!!!

    What a travesty!! What a story!!!!

    I'd be out of my mind with hurt!


  • cosmic

    Guys, ILMFAO!!! I know this is a serious subject, but the absurdity of it all is just overwhelming. I mean, even Joesph Stalin wouldn't send you to the Gulag without a trial, one at which you had to attend. I just have all sorts of mental images of some stuffy, ignorant window washer in a bad suit sternly looking down at an empty chair, "And we're not going to have anything else to do with you! Mr. Smarty pants!" But, I guess that's what happens when you let weenies believe they can think.

    Hey, hallelujah, you think maybe there might be a market in JC defense counsel?

  • rhian

    I'm also guessing that all the secrecy has something to do with people who have accused them of defamation of character, as when they used to announce to the congregation the nature of the "sin" for which someone had been df'd.

    If they publicly held a person up for accusations, (not in a court of law, of course, but in the congregation)can you imagine the outrage? hehe

    Ray Franz had quite a bit to say about the "star-chamber" meetings that were held in the HQ "witch hunts" of the 1980s.


  • greendawn

    Their mindset is completely wrong by being too judgemental imitating that of the self righteous pharisees, Jesus was eating and drinking with sinners with a view to helping them improve their moral level. The dubs shun those they consider, often very wrongly, to be sinners.

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