Internet Fraud (Wilfred)

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  • Dismembered

    Thanks Scully I got that pm too!


  • Mary

    I constantly get stupid emails like this at work. Usually from some idiot in Zimbawee telling me that his father was a diplomat and was murdered and he left behind 20 millions dollars and he can't get it out of the country, blah, blah, blah.........he "knows" I'm a good person and he would jes luuuv to share the wealth with me. All he needs is my bank account number, address, etc.

    I either put a block on the email, or if I'm in a particularly nasty mood, I'll email them back with the polite message:


  • snarf

    I used to get e-mails like that all the time, about once a month, but I just deleted them. It is scary all the fraud out there, and it would be very easy for someone who is not on the up and up about scams to get caught up in something like this.Sometimes they even ask for your personal banking money so they can "withdraw the money right out of your account and not hassle you anymore and leave the remaining funds".

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    At the business where i work we get five of these a week.
    Another amazing scam that i've found out about it how some of these guys run programs on their computers to generate fake credit cards they can use to buy merchandise from websites. They find somebody in the states who is willing to let the stuff be shipped to their house. The deal is that they agree to send half of what they get to the person in the other country. I've heard reports of people who have ENTIRE HOUSES (no joke!) full of packages, essentially the UPS man unloads an entire truck right at their house! It's amazing what goes on out there.

  • unclebruce

    What .. so it wasn't legit? What about the Sydney Tsunami Relief Appeal?


  • AudeSapere

    I got that same pm, too.


  • unclebruce

    I smell a prankster:

    got that same pm, too.


    Don't worry Aude - The Opera House is OK - I just checked

  • Undecided

    Just got one saying I had won a lottery. There was a check for $1,980.00 in with the letter that said I had won $90,000. I was supposed to cash the check to pay for the handling of the transaction and send the money to them. It came in the mail, not over the internet. I burned it in the fireplace after looking up the scam on the internet.

    Ken P.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I got two of those. What kind of idiot does it take to respond to something like that? I mean, the guy's a sleezebucket, no question, but really, how greedy and stupid does one have to be to believe such utter crap?

  • badboy

    I have received it as well.

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