Oh my... I found a copy of the WTS 2005 Financial Report on the internet!

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  • kwintestal

    Here is Canada's for 2004:

  • GermanXJW

    According to this they got 10,911,793 AUS$ as donations. In 2005 there was a peak of 61,444 publishers which make a donation ratio of 177.59 AUS$ per publisher, that is 14,80 AUS$ per month.

  • GermanXJW

    Does anybody know what Schedule A is about? Watchtower Travel? Where did the 589,478 AUS$ in 2004 come from and where did they go (International Travel Packages)? There is nothing similar in 2005.

  • blondie

    International conventions were held in Australia in 2004.


    w04 1/15 p. 23 Give God Glory Not Man ***

    International conventions of four days in length were held in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

  • ozziepost
    I think this should be rightly translated 'sent back home to Crooklyn.'

    That's not necessarily correct.

    Each branch runs an account with Crooklyn for the 'purchase' of books etc.

    That account is paid to whatever other branch the boys from Crooklyn direct.

    So, if a branch in deepest Africa is in need of money, it goes there, and so on.

    The branch in Australia supports the branches in the South Pacific region on behalf of Crooklyn.

    The Japan branch produces the magazines for the whole east, including Australia, and it is never 'paid'. It too runs current accounts with other branches and it too makes or receives monies at the behest of Crooklyn.

    Why do they do it this way? To save on transfer and currency exchange fees and losses. It makes sense to only transmit monies once. The alternative would be to pay Crooklyn (in foreign exchange i.e. US dollars) and then for Crooklyn to send money to Africa (again in different currency).

  • GermanXJW

    So, the costs for GB members and missionaries to attend an international convention are paid by the home country?

  • cyberguy

    Take a look at note 5 on page 13! They operate a nonprofit Travel Agency?

  • blondie

    I mentioned that above, cyberguy. Many businesses have in-house travel agencies; it is cheaper for 100 people to buy travel accommondations together than separately. My company does that, but we pay for it, just less than we would have on our own.

    Since the amount posted was more in 2004 and there were international convention tours, I fgured that was why it increased.


  • greendawn

    There are some humourous things on page 7 of the pdf under the heading "Principle activities" they mention spreading the Christian religion but are they Christians themselves or a jehovah centred cult that refuses to participate in the New Covenent and by default they quasi operate under the Mosaic law?

  • Mary

    They spend a whopping $2,600,000 on "Teaching and Evangalizing operations (field, conventions, schools) and a lousy $1,391.00 on "hospital information, legal support, humanitarian relief work". And I'm sure that out of that, the "humanitarian relief work probably never saw the light of day.

    Nowhere on that Financial Report did I see any amount earmarked or spent on "charity". Did I miss it or is it just not there?

    I also saw another little gem on page 9:

    Proceeds of sale of long term investments: $2,919,878.00

    Uh, why are they investing in anything "long term"?? Isn't Armageddon right around the corner? Doesn't that show a total 'lack of faith that we're living in the Time of the End' by making any sort of long term investment in this System of Things?

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