My daughter on religion

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  • Narkissos

    Thanks all for the kind comments.

    Sorry Gumby, it was about 5 am here when you last posted...

    You're right, she was never exposed to the JWs (or any other "religion" for that matter). She hardly knew her JW grandfather, I had dropped attending church before she was born, her mother was raised in an atheist family in a Moslem country and never was interested in religion.

    So she has an outsider's outlook: she loves visiting churches, watching the rituals; she knows some of the stories... as stories. Sometimes you have to tell her: "you know, some people really believe that."

    I found interesting too that, in spite of the previous conversation about "G/god(s)," her "prayer" was not addressed to him/them.

    And I never heard her wondering about a creator (although she knows that "God" is supposed to fill this "role" among others). I suspect this question (a most "expected" one from the JW perspective) to be anything but "natural". The whole idea of "creation" implies a factitious conception of the world which is hardly a child's notion (if not culturally transmitted).

  • Gill

    Congratulations on having such an intelligent and thoughtful daughter, Narkissos!

    All my kids ever say is, 'Where's my dinner?!'

  • jgnat


    My granddaughter picked up some affectations in her language I thought was cute at first. She uses "actually" a lot, as in "Actually at the daycare we like to go to the park a lot." I finally clued in where she got that from. I use that word far too much. Actually, I find a way to squeeze it in to nearly every conversation. Ooops. I've created a little doppleganger.

    I say all that to mention that you have raised a thoughtful young woman who will generate many original ideas, because that is the man you are. I am sure your wife is the same.

  • LDH

    Where there is no fear, children truly blossom.

    Job well done.


  • anewme


    I wish I had a lovely intelligent and thoughtful daughter like that!

    You lucky Narky!


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