Ever BUILD a Kingdom Hall?

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  • Frog

    major ouch re the tar burns!...I painted the new fence of the new kingdumhall once, had khacky green pain in my hair for weeks after that! I also delivered lasagne to another quickbuild...& helped with the colour scheme of another...

  • LDH

    LOL Frog that reminds me. The QB in Upstate NY all had 'decorators' who used "Home Interiors" catalogs. You know the ones I mean?

    The few sisters who would host a 'home interiors' party and the stuff was always sold in groupings of three. Not the most elegant decorator's touch. While admittedly much better now, we are talking about the 80's here.


    Hey! host your own home party. Become a "director" and win a mustang. Yes, it's more MLM>

  • Undecided

    I never built one but I helped build a KH and a church. I sure know how to waste my time.

    Ken P.

  • uninformed

    LDH and Cellist,

    I will concede to both of you that you are both correct in being offended not just by the abuses but by the WT touting that it is a volunteer effort.

    For the record, "I am not a crook" to quote Richard M. Nixon, and I never got a cent from them for myself or any equipment I ever brought. Honest.


  • LDH


    I'm not offended. Don't know why you would think that. I did ask whether double dipping was possible.

    HOWEVER, this whole situation reminds me of the quote, "All men were created equal. Some were just created more equal than others."

    For the record, I was a Reg Pio and I too never received any recompense for this or building the assembly hall in Henrietta NY.

  • AuldSoul

    I worked on dozens of Quick Builds. I was assigned to three different crews and helped out other crews whenever I wasn't sleeping. I have had relatives on the RBC for Georgia Building Region #1. Shout out to all my peeps from Tallahassee, Phoenix City, Columbus (where I helped build the equal of any Assembly of God church), Pelham, Bainbridge, Cordele, Macon, Perry, Marianna, Thomasville, Montezuma, Havana (FL), Ellaville (hey Handschin family! How's life?), and Albany!

    I know for sure there are certain contractors who sometimes get reimbursed for expenses (usually materials or specilized tools needed, sometimes for other expenses) and there are occasions where contractors have to be hired because no one is willing or able to volunteer for those jobs. JW contractors are preferred in these situations. I don't think it is very common that an area would have so many QBs going on that a substantial part of any contractor's income could come from QBs, but it is a rare possibility, I suppose. Unless the contractor had hardly any income at all during that period.

    But what I still don't get is why the WTS charges interest on its loans to congregations for buildings that belong, in turn, to the WTS.

    If someone walked up to you on the street and offered to loan you a substantial amount money to build a house for them, would it matter how low the interest rate on the loan was? You'd tell them to take a long walk off a short pier.


  • uninformed


    Damn, I can't even surrender.

    By the way, in George Orwell's Animal Farm, there was a quote similar to that, "all the animals are equal, but the pigs are more equal". Probably came from your quote.


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