Dub Parents who neglected health issues of their kids

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  • perfect1

    I have been thinking about this lately in my own life and it makes me so angry.

    My parents injured my sister twice- through being intentionally ignorant., one broken bone and one severed digit.

    I have an ongoing medical condition which never received proper care and resulted in me being unconscious and hospitalized more than once.

    I had a broken nose which they did not bother to take me to the doctor for.

    They also moved us to a completely different climate and did not provide proper shoes or clothing.

    Because of this my sister has deformed feet.

    I learned never to ask for anything, the one time my mother did offer to buy me something new, around the time I was 16, I refused. By that time I was earning some of my own money but I couldnt pay for everything.

    I hate my parents. They are complete JW idiots who never gave a fuck about their own kids. I cared more about my sisters welfare than they ever did.

    Now they are getting old and developing a poor me attitude. I intend to take as good of care of them in their old age as they did of me.

    Medicine. Too expensive, you dont need that. Doctor, no you dont need that either. Oh it hurts. Go to your room to cry.

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