how do i contact someone?

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  • jgnat

    I'm not an embittered ex-witness.

  • dozy

    I did say "mainly" embittered ex-witnesses - not all. I think it is a fair summary. I'm a disillusioned active witness with doubts & issues. Since you asked , my purpose is:

    1.. To explore the evidence for arguments against JWs to establish if any are fatal to my beliefs and which would justify my fading or DAing.

    2.. To observe the range of new faith , lifestyle and conduct structures that ex-witnesses have chosen to see if a viable alternative exists.

    3.. To keep me up-to-date with JW news & gossip.

    4... Errr - thats about it.

  • jgnat

    Well, dozy, I'm going to have to start a thread just for you. "Life outside the Witnesses."

  • ballistic

    Dozy, I'm thinking of starting a new religion if you want to be my first member. Though I don't believe in organised religion, so the first rule is it needs to be completely disorganised. That's why I haven't organised anything yet.

  • Honesty
  • ferret

    dozy: I am a very happy ex-JW thankyou

  • whyizit

    I can't help you, if your desire is to read a bunch of literature written by men who claim to be divinely inspired. Whose doctrines change with the wind. Who SAY they are studying the Bible, but actually are studying a rigid cultic doctrine, with supposed "proof texts" to "prove" their point Biblically.

    Example: Using Acts 15:29 as proof that blood transfusions are Biblically forbidded. If you read Acts 15 in it's entirety, you will see that the context does not support this claim. This Scripture is clearly addressing fellowship issues between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. Can you show me where it says you will lose your salvation, or gain it, depending on how you view a blood rule? Please read verses 8-11. How is your heart cleansed? How are we saved? Can you see where a Jewish Christian, who has been faithfully adhereing to certain dietary practices all of his life, might be a little appalled by some of the Gentile's eating habits? Gentiles don't properly bleed their meat. If they are going to eat together, this could be nasty to the Jews. Now, circumcision, that's not as readily noticeable. THAT is what this Scripture is talking about. NOT blood transfusions. You may also take note of the fact that: a.) JWs do not adhere to Kosher eating practices. b.) Orthodox Jews do not have any religious problem with accepting blood transfusions, even though they STILL adhere to the blood rules of the O.T. WHY? Because a blood transfusion is NOT the same as eating blood via the mouth and digesting it!

    Why is this important for you to know? Because it is an erroneous belief that has been changed over the WTS history and it could KILL you or someone you love. (Many JWs died when organ transplants and vaccinations were not allowed. Guess what? They allow them now! Did the Bible change? They also allow blood fractions. Made from STORED blood! Which according to them is forbidden. Make any sense?)

    If you would like to study the BIBLE, I'll study it with you. It will be a long-distance deal, but I promise this: No other literature required. Don't matter how short your hair is or how long your skirt, I won't ask if you are having oral sex, you won't need to keep track of hours that you "witness", I won't make you refuse medical treatment that could potentially save your life, you can have a beard or moustache, you can keep your stuffed Smurf, and you can drive a 2-door car! All that, and we can use THE BIBLE ONLY!!!! We can discuss it, see what it says, see what it means to you personally!

    But if a bunch of side-winding is what you are talk and lies, I can't help you there.

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