how do i contact someone?

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  • ramza414

    Hello. I wanted to know how to contact someone to come over and talk about the bible with me. I can't seem to find anything online as far as contacting anybody.

    The reason i ask is that my dad has been talking to someone who just randomly stopped by our house a couple years ago and i have since moved to the other side of the country (I'm in Washington now :( .) He is definately alot happier than he has ever been and seems to really understand the bible now. And even my sister is reading Jehovahs Witness material and is really into it! She has explained a great deal of things to me from what she had read and it really got me interested in the bible. Now I just need to find somone who can hopefully teach me the things they have learned.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • KW13

    Well we aren't JW's mate but you can go to

    I suggest you stay here however and read-up before you jump

  • jgnat

    If you fill out this form someone from the Jehovah's Witnesses will certainly be dropping by with more literature.

    Me, I prefer the Alpha program. I find it friendlier and more balanced. And they talk a lot about the bible.

  • Frog

    HI Ramza,

    You will find that most people on this forum are people who have left the Jehovah's Witness organisation. Sadly I'm afraid the Watchtower society is run by a very exclusive few men in Brooklyn who don't always have the interest of its members at heart. The WT society may seem like a shelter from the storm upon first appearances, however after you've committed you're locked in for life and if you change your mind, or wish to look at other relgions or spiritual ideas at any point you will be treated as what they term an apostate, which is what has happened to many of us here.

    Most people come to this forum to find emotional support and understanding from losing their family and networds of friend who remain in the WT organisaiton who are instructed to shun members who leave, or are forced out.

    Just a bit of an insight for you. Make sure you look into all the facts before committing to this sect, it is very seductive but it has also torn many thousands of families apart through the fear, control and domination of the policies dictated from the top that require strict observence.

    All the best, and look out for your father & sister. They're going to need a voice of reason. frog x

  • Legolas

    Ramza...Would you jump into one of the pools of water at Sea World before you made sure it wasn't one that contained sharks?

    They are a cult!

    Research them before you do anything if you like your life!

  • dozy

    Try or look up Jehovah's witnesses in your phone book or online (eg

    This forum purports to be a Jehovah's witness discussion forum but is mainly composed of embittered ex-witnesses.

  • KW13

    embittered? lol i feel quite happy today

  • Legolas

    Dozy...Your name says it all!

  • Clam

    Hi Ramza

    There is a mixture of people here. Witnesses who have grave doubts about the Watchtower Society, people who are scared to leave because they're terrified of the cultic control methods and penalties, people who are real Bible scholars, the odd Watchtower Society apologist, and so called "embittered ex witnesses". The embittered ones are embittered for a reason. They've been lied to, had their lives ruined, some have been close to suicide, have been shunned by their families or lost loved ones due to the twisted JW blood policy. This is just the tip of the iceberg. By all means look at the JW cult, but please come and check back here, so you can ask questions and debate. You'll find many here who are not only very clued up on the bible, but on how the Watchtower presents it information.

    take care

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Dozy I have to ask why are you here?

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