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  • Surreptitious

    Hey Shannon, grab me a beer would ya. And didja pick up my guitar strings like I told ya? BTW, what's for dinner?

  • LivingInReality

    (surreptitious): Honey!! Is that you??? Yes, the beer is on the way, and when you're ready I'll go lay in bed on my back to give you your "just do"...and don't forget after you go potty give me a call so I can wipe your ass too. I love being your posession!!! Oh, is my skirt too short?? had that down.

    The shame of it is, we were best friends and he was my adventure buddy...we grew up together. But with every passing year they gained more control over his head and he lost who he really was and became a "Borg" as I've heard others say (love that analogy).....I feel bad for the 'brothers' there is so much pressure on them to have priveleges and strive to be servants or elders and if there house isn't running like a Nazi home, they suffer feelings of inadequacies, that is a way to control a man, emasculate him...this organization is truthfully sick and evil.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Shannon, thanks for sharing your story, Welcome to the JWDB , I know you will love it here! You GO GIRL!!!!! I'ts great that you went to college and got your degree, I hope the rest of your life is full of accomplishments and much happiness, your first step was opening your eyes and standing up for yourself, way to go!!!!


  • Dismembered

    Kudos Shannon

    You're doing the right thing.


  • delilah

    Welcome, Shannon!!! Congratulations, for having a mind of your own, and following your dream of getting a better education. You are amongst friends here.

  • LDH

    Hi Shannon, check your PM! (Upper left hand corner)

  • SickofLies

    Welcome to the board!

  • Thinkagain

    We love to hear from you , so glad the more on here the less with them at the


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