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  • EAGLE-1

    YEA Shannon....Welcome.I have been here a short while too.Have no idea who these people are in here but I love them.A word that I have not been able to say for a long time.LOVE.If these folks in here can handle my bouts of insanity I have found a new home.Can you believe how many we are? For years I thought it was a bad dream and I was the only anti-dub.Guess not.

  • juni

    Flowers-tropical-basket Welcome Shannon.

    I am a floral designer and I thought you'd like a basket of tropicals.

    We all can relate to your story. It is a "man's world" in the organization. A lot of the men lord it over their wives. They like that submissive part!!

    What is your major in college? Congratulations w/the 4.0 and being on the Dean's List. Quite an accomplishment.

    Hope you'll continue to benefit and enjoy your time with us on the "Board".

    Juni :)

  • ferret

    Welcome LivingInReality: Looking forward to future posts.

  • misspeaches

    Welcome Shannon!

    Another woman who couldn't cope with being supressed by the WTBTS! Such a common story. But you've proved to yourself ultimately that you have something to offer and got out there and done it!

    I know what you mean about being hesitant to post on boards such as this initially as well. But you will find that it is a place of healing...

    P.S. Are you using Mozilla Firefox or a Macintosh by any chance? If so when writing your posts you need to check the Automatic Cr/Lf box so that your paragraph spaces will appear...

  • MegaDude
    To which I replied, "Well gee honey, you and the other brothers get together a few times a week playing in your 'Witness Band' spending money on musical instruments, and your time could be spent doing the same things.....WTF???" The answer was "I am the head of this household and the foremost authority on its spiritual needs and my answer is NO".... Well... that was my moment. I told my husband....we're done.

    Most excellent. Like a scene from a movie.

  • anewme

    Welcome Livinginreality! We look forward to your posts!


  • Cellist

    Welcome Shannon!! I'm glad you joined. Congratulations on taking charge of your own life.


  • Es

    Welcome to the board.

    Enjoy your stay


  • AudeSapere

    Hi Shannon -

    We're happy to have you (and annalice) with us. I think both of you will enjoy it. You sure fit right in!!

    Never again will anyone subjugate you. 29 is not too late to get on have a great life!

    Congrats on your new-found freedom.


  • Carmel

    Congrats to you Shannon and all the other newbies that are finding JWD. I'm happy for you that you chose to exit from the grip of the society. I look forward to more of your posts..


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