"Jehovah" DoesNot Prevent "Demon Possession"

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  • daniel-p

    I grew up in a household with women who claimed to have multiple personalities. Regardless of the validity of (what is now known as) dissasociative disorders, I would almost rather live with an actual demon-possessed person than what I lived with. It's pretty much the same kind of experience - constantly looking over your back, scared as hell, not knowing what to expect from one minute to the next, fearing for your safety, weird noises, speaking in tongues, seizures, physical manifestations of every conceivable emotional trauma... it goes on and on.

    When I was about 19 years old I finally started to realize why this religion attracts so many f'd-up women and men. I began to feel resentful to Jehovah for not preventing any of this in "his" organization. In our congregation, we had a young girl who would regularly experience seizures and since she was newer in the 'truth' and had recently thrown out icons and stuff, everyone thought she had a demon. So every single meeting she would drop to the ground and start foaming at the mouth and flopping around. All the elders would rush to the back and drag her outside or into the library and hold her down while she came out of it screaming "JEHOVAAAHAAHAAAH" at the top of her lungs while all the kids in the hall crapped their pants because they were so frightened. It was my job to explain to the visiting speaker before the meeting to just ignore any kind of "disturbance" in the back of the hall during his talk. LOL oh my goodness it is hilarious in retrospect... one time we had a visitng speaker from a nearby congregation who kept repeating the same thing over and over again when the girl was having her seizure because he couldn't concentrate. He was sweating bullets up there. As the chairman, I was two seconds away from just walking up to the stage to tell everyone to go home, when she finally quieted down. But every single meeting it would happen. I began to wonder how a bunch of intelegent people believed this girl had a demon, when her symptoms were so classic. After about a year of this, people started leaving our hall and attending other congregations because it was such a nuisance and stressful thing - not the fact that she was having seizures, but because the elders were caught in this delusion that they had to perform some sort of holy excorsism - I mean seriously, two or three elders would hold her down while one prayed out loud and another read a watchtower or the Bible beside her. I was in a perpetual state of WTF?

  • undercover

    Don't ya'll know anything? Demon possession is actully hyper-active 'body thetans'

  • greendawn

    It would be strange if jehovah didn't protect his faithful servants from demonic attacks as a reward for their loyal service. Is this another mind trick to subdue the spirit of the R&F? It's so negative to say jehovah doesn't protect you from violent attacks by your worst enemies as if your (physical) father has abandoned you.

  • daniel-p

    "It's so negative to say jehovah doesn't protect you from violent attacks by your worst enemies as if your (physical) father has abandoned you."

    It's a great opportunity to reinforce cooperation and submission by saying Jehovah will not protect against demon-possession. So if anyone is "possessed" it must be somethin wrong with them - like maybe they bought a nice leather wallet off Ebay that, unbeknownst to them, has a hair strand in it from someone who once cursed God - or some such nonsense.

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