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  • Soapydish

    Hello....Found out about this forum last year when I was starting to go back to the meets. I found real encouraging words that spoke to me at the time. They helped me realize that I was going to the meets just to make my family happy again! I slowly deliberately started to not show up.

    I made an account profile, and then forgot about it for about a year or so. So here I am again. This time I won't be a stranger. I'll keep in touch w/rebels like yous guys.

  • daystar

    And yet another Texan! Welcome!

  • ferret

    Welcome back Soapydish

  • wombat

    Hi Suds.....This is a great site. It's not just full of rebels - I just like the folk here. It's a great place to chat.

    If you need proof of the WTS scriptual twisting, ask Mary. If you need a male to abuse, do it to unclebruce. If you need some loving sisters to talk to, there are heaps here.

    Hang around. It's good fun..........Wombat.

  • Soapydish

    Thank you! I have loads of questions for yall! Especially bout 607 right now.

  • Clam

    Hi there SoapyDish

  • Legolas

    Welcome back!

  • Beachbender

    "Welcome yet once again Soapydish"!! looking forward to your posts. Enjoy!

  • Billygoat

    Hey Soapydish - welcome to the forum!

    On May 6th, there is a big get together in Dallas. It's a crawfish boil. There will be members from this board as well as other boards, so there will be plenty of people to meet and get to know. You might consider coming.

  • Soapydish

    Wow. That sounds appetizing. And I'm not talking bout spiritual food. Thanks I'll consider.

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