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  • kool aid man
    kool aid man

    For the second year in a row we will be holding a "demonstrative gesture" (demonstration) in front of the Kingdom Hall in an Eastern Mass. town. This will take place on Wednesday, April 12,2006, the Jehovah's Witnesses Memorial night. We will have a permit and permission from the local Police Dept. to peacefully meet and display our professionally made signs. For example--JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ARE A DANGEROUS CULT--OVER 23,000 ALLEGED PEDOPHILIES ON FILE AT WATCHTOWER HQ. THOUSANDS HAVE DIED DUE TO THE EVER CHANGING BLOOD DOCTRINES, ETC. If anyone is interested in participating, please let me know. This is the best day of the year to demonstrate in view of new Bible studies attending, relatives attending, persons of interest to see the other side of the Watchtower org. Let's help people from ever wanting to be a J.W. It is easier to stop people from getting in than trying to get Witnesses out! I wish in my early years (over 50 years) that someone would have stood in front of my Kingdom Hall with such signs. All you need to do is plant a litle seed of doubt. IT WORKS!

  • wombat

    How about some suggestions for signs.............

  • dozy

    I've seen similar demonstrations & would guess that 99.9% of witnesses regard them as despicable. If there is any effort to obstruct witnesses on a Memorial night , which they are commanded to observe and is regarded as the most special meeting of the year , the police will be called.

    Lets be honest - the average witness thinks of an apostate as a rabid nutcase doing the work of Satan & this feeds & confirms that judgement. Aggressive demonstrating like this doesn't work - it merely hardens the resolve of existing JWs.

  • Finally-Free
    How about some suggestions for signs.............

    Religion is a snare and a racket. W

  • carla

    A sign that reads - Read the Bible not the Watchtower- does get some to actually think, 'hey, you know, they are right we should be reading the bible more than the wt's. Some have even left due to a simple sign like that, others at least may begin to think.

  • DannyHaszard

    We have had a number of picket duty threads if you don't know what your doing stay home.

    rules of engagement:

    (1) picketing is recruitment interdiction is NOT for deconverting dubs it's for 95% of the worldly news media and passerby's

    (2) have a simple sign with large letters and a catchy slogan that motorist driving by can read

    (3) be non threatening savy & cool wear a walkman and sunglasses DO NOT speak unless engaged

    (4) Never picket alone have a buddy or a qued up camcorder or other event recording device

    Have fun-Danny Haszard 20 years picket duty experience This is how we do it baby Got on the news from picket duty,news people love the drama Read his story in the Maine Times Sexually molested JW man speaks out on Canadian TV (Windows Media File) (posted 6/27/05)

    Watch Tower picketed by anti-Jehovah's
    Halton Herald, Canada - 11 hours ago
    ... Page 10 of the leaflet publication - "Did Bethany Really Have To Die?" states; "Jehovah's Witnesses received important new medical instructions in the November ...

    Heads up-if your brave enough to picket then do it the easy way motoring. Free BUMPERSTICKERS from Danny Haszard

    Picket duty is less important today because of the information superhighway.Junction guy and my picket slide shows are on the web for all to view 24/7 worldwide.

    It s**ks standing on the street with no bathroom available.

    Get lots of hits yes we are in their face in cyberspace Picket harrassment Here in Bangor Maine the Jehovah's Witnesses at the local Kingdom Hall brought in an out of town,'hit man' to harass my picketing.His tactic (no doubt WT A.O.P) was to repeatedly stop his van in the middle of the road and ask for directions,feigning to be a lost traveler.This was a 'setup' to try to report me as a fanatic who was flagging down cars with my anti-WT message,to try to get me arrested. Big backfire! I went to Maine district court filed a court complaint (all documented) and talked face to face with the sitting Judge and spilled my guts about the scum of the earth.

  • Severus

    Here's an idea for starters: WATCHTOWER MONEY - New contribution program!

    A tip for protesters:

    Go ahead with your normal presence and be as load and upfront as you can be legally, but...

    Dress up a couple of your group as JWs, suits, dresses the works

    The fake JWs should approach the protesters and appear to converse, accept handouts, etc. Play this scenario repeatedly when ever people are watching.

    This breaks up the apparent solidarity of the normal JWs and encourages guests to come to you too.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings Kool - Aid Man,

    Keep us posted as to what happens. I totally understand, and applaud your efforts to show that there are "chinks in the Watchtower armour". After all this is the night that's touted as the all important one. Where even the "Spiritual Submarines" come up for air. And as one nutcase "elder" coined it so lovingly some years ago, "I wonder how many of the memorialites are gonna show up". That's just to much love for me.

    I hoped you hired a high school marching band too.

    Dozy :Lets be honest - the average witness thinks of an apostate as a rabid nutcase
    Are you average, or an even bigger snake? Dismembered
  • minimus

    Koolaid Man is cool!

  • gaybeat

    Oh no I totally forgot about the memorial. How Am I going to get out of this one?
    Plus is it bad not to go to A memorial (even at a non JW church.)

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