SimplySally is having her last Taxol chemo treatment today!

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  • Alleymom
    From SimplySally last week:

    Ok, so I had 4 rounds of A/C and now I have had 11 rounds of Taxol an Herceptin....... 1 more to go!! Hurray!! Taxol is a chemo drug that targets the skeleton of the cells and it makes me exhausted, bone pain and spasms of muscle pain ..... one left next Monday. Then to every 3 week infusion of Herceptin until December!!

    Just in case people aren't reading every post in the weekly "Vigil" thread, I'm posting this separately.

    Kelly ---

    We're all thinking of you today! Hope it all goes well!

    Hugs and blessings!

  • freedomlover


    be well and much love to you!

  • greendawn

    SimpleSally wishing you all the best for a successful therapy.


  • luna2


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    Hope the treatment went well and wishing you a speedy recovery from all the tiredness the Taxol caused.

  • hubert

    Prayers and Good vibes from Hubert and family.

  • simplesally

    Wow! Thank you. Would you believe this??? They almost delayed it! They lost my liver function tests. I had my blood work done at 9:30 am and then noticed Teryn's eye had another sty, so we ended up at 2 different doctor's offices and we finally got meds. I had to drive back to Corona to have someone watch Teryn and then I went back to the hospital only to find out my blood work didn't come in. It got sent out!!!!

    So, they treated me with Herceptin and still no sign of my blood. Finally, I asked if I could go up to the lab or could my nurse draw me and test it. So, they gave me my pre-meds (steriods, hence need for liver function test) anyway and did my blood again. I got my Taxol!!! Finally done with it at 6:30 pm and got home around 8pm.

    I am tired ..... aren't you guys tired of hearing that?? But unlike others on Taxol, I have not had too many bad side effects and am happy to just be tired and get the achy bones.

    Thank you so much for all your positive thoughts and prayers, it really helps to know that others are thinking of you, caring about you. No matter how frustrated I was yesterday, I was really calm and positive and excited!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Robdar

    Kelly, it's such good news that you have had your last Taxol treatment. I hope all continues to go well. Although I am not always here on Tuesdays, I think of you often. Please keep us updated.

    Much love to you.


  • Beachbender

    SimpleSally hugs and prayers for you and some warm Florida sunshine coming at ya I wish you the best, stay strong.


    That's great news!!! I like your spunk!!! (no, I didn't say skunk...) You go girlfriend!!!


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